Car Trouble

by Jack <NBAMAGUY@AOL.Com>

I have been in sales for several years now. My most recent position covers a large rural route in the Southeast. One day a couple of months ago I was traveling in an especially remote area. It had been raining earlier and there were some puddles along the road. As always I was running late. My last appointment had taken longer than I had intended and I wanted to get home.

As I flew down the winding back road I passed two young guys who were hitchhiking. If I hadn't been in such a hurry I guess I would have stopped. They were both in their mid to late twenties. Instead I passed them by spraying water all over both of them from the recent rain. As I saw this in the rearview mirror my heart sunk. But there was nothing I could do tho change that and I went on.

About five miles down the road I saw steam comming from under the hood and several lights began to flash across the dash. I pulled over on to a dirt road and stoped the car nosed into the woods about 50 ft from the main road.

Still dressed in suit pants, dress shirt and losened tie, I was not exactluy prepared to play mechanic out here. But like everyone who is faced with a similar situation, I pulled the hood release and raised the hood for a good look.

After a couple of minutes I saw that the radiator hose had split and coolant was everywhere. I rolled up my sleaves as if I was going to do something important when I heard a voice behind me.

"Whats the problem" the guy called out.

I looked around the hood to see the two hitchhikers walking up to me caring their bags and still wet from my passing.

"I think I've got a busted radiator hose" I replied. Hoping they weren't too mad about getting splashed..

They had both stripped to the waist to let their shirts dry and looked very _s_e_x_y standing there. One had black hair with moderate chest hair and a very defined abodomen. The other was a dirty blonde with dark blond hair all over his chest and stomach.

"I'm sorry about the water back ther guys. I was up on you before I knew it" I said hoping that they were the forgiving types.

They both grinned and sain nothing as we all looked at my car. Then the blond guy pulled out a pocket knife and said "I think we can shorten that hose enough to fix it".

He proceded to cut the hose and then tighten the clamp around the new end.

"Now all you need is water" The other guy said.

"Where can I get clean water" I asked. Even though it had been raining there wasn't much standing water deep enough to scoop up/

"Actually there is a stream just down this dirt road" The Blond said. "We were thinkin about going for a swim there since we are all wet anyway".

"Thats great. I'll get my thermos and follow you guys" I replied. relieved that they had helped me after I had passed them by earlier.

We walked about half a mile down to this cool secluded creek. It was about 25 ft across and flowing at a brisk pace. Tommy, the one with the black hair said,"You are going to join us aren't you". In a tone that expected only one answer.

"I was in a hurry to get home guys" I responded quickly.

"Mr Suit not only thinks he's too good to pick us up, he's too good to swim with us too" Mike, the dirty blond snapped back.

"Guys, It's not that at all. I..... I .... I just was running late and need to get going". I called back hoping to redeem myself.

Before I knew what was hapining They had stripped and began stripping me. As one held my arms the other pulled yo tie loose and began unbuttoning my shirt. I was scared yet arroused to be standing in the middle of nowhere with two naked guys stripping me against my will. As he pulled up my T shirt he cried "Looky here we got us a Hairy chested mocho man" My body flexed as he ran his hands lightly across my exposed chest.

Then my pants and boxers slid down to my ankles and my legs were lifted out one at a time. By the time my shoes and socks came off I had a raging hard on and was embarrassed as hell.

They pulled me to an area between two trees and secured my wrists with my own belt on one side and my silk tie on the other. Next the secured my ankles with their belts. I was helpless, embarrassed and excited all at the same time.

Next they cut a switch and I had a good idea what was going to happen. "Smack, Smack, Smack" he swatted my ass. "That will teach you to help others" he sneared. As they both laughed. After about 25 hard swats my ass was hot and I was beginning to beg them to stop.

Mike then said "You aren't so mocho without that suit are you?"

Tom wraped his lips around my throbing member as Mike continued to switch my ass. I began to cry a little as the pain took over.

The switching stopped for a minute as mike went to his bag for something and returned with a razor and some shaving cream. "You're not man enough to have this hair" he said as he began to cover my chest with the cream. Tom stopped his work between my legs and took my thermos to the creek for some rinsing water. They shaved and rinsed my chest, arms & pits, stomach, pubic area, balls, ass and legs. Before I knew it I was hairless from the neck down.

"Thats more like it" Tom snickered

Then he returned to his work between my legs. Mike gave me another 20 swats with the switch across my hairless ass. At about stroke 18 I felt a volcano errupt inside me as I filled Tom's mouth with my seed. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. He finnished and then stood before me his mouth locked onto mine as he fed me my own juice. I was imedietly hard again. Mike had started where Tom left off. He worked me with his magical toung till I thought I was going to die right there. Tom continued to kiss me as he worked my tits over real good. Moments later I felt the world go dark as I fed mike just as I had Tom. Mike then rose to feed me with his kiss.

They both began to work themselves before me until I was covered with their juice. They then rubbed me down with it and smiled..

Then tom went to his bag and returned with a polorid camera. They wanted a souvenir of this adventure. All I could do was protest as they photographed me from every angle, shackled between those trees.

After they swam and washed off in the creek they dressed and untied me. "I guess you will be more courtious next time Mr. suit" Mike said with a smile as the walked up the dirt road and out of site.

I dressed, filled the thremos with water and returned to my car. After filling the radiator I noticed one of the pictures under the wiper blade. They had left it with a note that read "Hope you had as much fun as we did. Consder us even, Mike & Tom".

My body hair has filled in nicely by now but I often think about Mile & Tom and the time my car broke down.

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