Double Spanking at Scott's

by Raine <>

It was a hot day in July. My mother was at work as usual, and my dad was out of town working. My mother had left my older brother Danny with the responsiblity of babysitting me while her and my dad were at work. Danny had made plans with his best friend Scott, and he wasn't going to give them up on account of his pesky little brother, so I was dragged along. I was around seven years old at the time, and Danny and Scott were twelve. We'd been at Scott's place for most of the afternoon. Danny and Scott had left me watching TV while they played Dungeons and Dragons. I had always been fascinated with the game since both of my older brothers played it, so when TV got boring I walked over to where Dan and Scott were playing.

I picked up one of Scott's books and began thumbing through it when my brother jumped up and grabbed my arm. "That's it Raine. We told you not to touch any of our stuff."

"But I was just looking," I replied, attempting to pull my arm out of Danny's grasp. He gripped my arm harder, cutting off the circulation. "Ow! Danny, let me go! I'll tell mommy on you." It was the phrase no older brother ever wants to hear, but what could I do? He had five years and a foot and a half on me. He twisted my arm.

"Listen up, squirt. You aren't going to tell mom anything, but what you ARE going to do is get punished for touching Scott's stuff."

"I didn't wreck it."

"Maybe not, but now it's got your grubby little boy germs all over it. I'm gonna teach you to keep your hands off." I began protesting to the "little boy" remark when Danny pulled me over to one of the chairs in Scott's basement. "OK brat," he said. "I'm gonna give you a spanking just like daddy does when you don't do what you're supposed to." I squirmed as he placed me over his lap and began pulling down my jeans.

"Let me go Danny! I'm sorry! I won't touch anything else, I promise!" He smacked me once on my underwear.

"_d_a_m_n_ right you won't. You won't be able to sit when I'm done with you," he said. I felt another whack land on the seat of my underpants. I began to squirm and try to kick free, but the harder I kicked, the harder Danny spanked me. He must have given me fifteen or twenty whacks when he set me back up. Tears were streaming down my face. I began to reach for my jeans to pull them up again, but Dan stopped me.

"Not yet, Raine," he said, yanking my jeans back to the floor. "The book you were messing around with was Scott's. I think he should get a chance to punish you."

"No fair!" I screamed, and I began crying fresh, hot tears. Danny held me while Scott took his place on the couch and then I was placed across Scott's lap. This time I felt my underwear sliding to my knees. Scott was much harder on me than my brother. He must have given me twice as many swats as Dan had. My backside grew burning hot and I sobbed uncontrollably. Finally Danny told Scott to stop. Scott set me on my feet and led me half naked over to a corner.

"You can stand there til I get tired of seeing your little boy butt," he said to me. "Stay right there, crybaby." So I stood there for almost half an hour, red backside exposed for Scott AND my brother Dan. Finally Danny handed me my underpants and my jeans and we went home. He made me promise not to tell my mom or dad about what happened, or else I'd get more of the same.

I never told my parents about that incident at Scott's house, and they never did find out. Don't get me wrong though. Danny and Scott got theirs. A couple years later they were messing around our house when they knocked over a lamp. I was older then, not so scared of my big brother, and quick to point out that I'd had no involvment in the incident. Danny got a good smacking from Dad, and I'm sure Scott got the same when he went home. Both of them had to do odd jobs to pay for the lamp. Justice was served.


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