Naval Academy

by Drew <>

My freshman year at the Naval Academy included many a spankings.

The dorms we stayed in had no locks on the doors, so an upperclassmen could walk in at any time. After a full day of classes, sports and abuse from the upperclassmen the abuse continued after dark in the Freshman dorms. Two of the upperclassmen always seem to barge in my room for a surprise inspection. If any dust, dirt or other infraction was commited my roommate and I would be made to do endless pushups.

Usually when Upperclassmen Fox and Smith walked in we were only in our white briefs. They loved to torment us. For not keeping our rooms in proper order we were ordered to bend over and touch our toes. Fox and Smith would take off there belts and spank us across the buttocks. Fox would say "I don't think we are getting through to these guys. Drop shorts." Off the short would come and we were spanked with the Navy issued belts on our bare buttocks. After each strike we would have to yell out.

"BEAT ARMY SIR" In reference to the all important ARMY/NAVY game.


"Bear Army Sir"


"Beat Army Sir"

These spankings would create welts which made it uncomfortable to sit through classes the next day.

These spankings occurred up to three times a week and I figured it was just a part of making a fine navel officer. Throughout the evening I would hear across the dorm rooms.

"Beat Army Sir!"

I knew what was going on. Plebes were getting spanked. With belts, paddles and even coat hangers. I knew of one unfortunate Plebe who was spanked with a side of a sword. Ouch!

Just another night at the Naval Academy.

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