Evil Step-Mom

by Bad Boy

I had just turned 13 and my dad had passes away a year ago. My stepmom hated me and punished me often but i was not prepared for what was about to happen.

We were at her brothers house when i was told we were going to live there.

"No I dont want to live here" I screamed

She slapped my face and said " Go stand in that corner you little bastard.

Crying I stood in the corner as I was told.

Her brother said " How long are you going to take this _s_h_i_t_ off that boy"

"I dont know what to do". she said

"I know what to do but if I start you wont stop me" He said.

Why would I want to stop you I hate the little bastard.

Mike, Tom, go get my special tools.

Yes dad his two sons answered. Mike was 16 and Tom was 14 they both hated me too.

While you at it bring you sisters and there friends in here to. Her brother said.

I was really scared and embarassed Jo-Ann and Susan were having a sleep over with four of their friends all 11 or 12 years old.

Please dont punish me in front of them I cried.

Shut up and get over here. Take off you shoes and socks and get that shirt off too.

As the girls were seating themselves on the couch I did as I was told.

Take your pants off to he smiled.

I couldnt believe what was happening. There I was standing in my underware in front of all them girls. I could feel my little _c_o_c_k_ start to stir. When the boys arived i stared in shock at the three items they carried. A think paddle, a narrow stick that looked like a yardstick but much thicker and a thing that had a leather handle with strips of leather hanging from it.

Bring over the ottoman and set it right in front of the couch he told the boys. then he made me stand facing him. His fingers went inside my waistband and he slowly pushed my underware down to my ankles and made me step out of them. He then toolk hold of my little _c_o_c_k_ and rubbed it until it got hard. Then he pealed back my foreskin and then spun me around so that everyone could see my 3 1/2" _c_o_c_k_.I tried cover it with my hands but he grabbed them and held them over my head.

I was forced to lay on my back on the ottoman.

Boys get on each side of him and grab his legs and pull them over his head.

I was totally exposed. All my private parts were in perfect view on the girls and my stepmom.

He used the padddle first hitting me over and over again.

whap whap whap whap

I screamed "please stop it hust so much.

"You havent felt anything yet" he said.

When he was finished with the paddle he took the yardstick.

"Spread his cheeks as far apart as you can". He told my stepmom.

smiling she roughly spread them. my little hole was totally exposed.

he then brought the yardstick down accross my hole. Blue falshes came before my eyes. I had never felt such pain.


He went on and on then he stopped and reached for the leather whip.

They spread my legs apart so that he would have a clear shot.

Down the whip came accross my little _c_o_c_k_ and balls. I couldnt believe the pain. I screamed and screamed but my lille _c_o_c_k_ stay hard.

when he was finished he said to Mike and Tom. "Take him to your room and have some fun.

I begged "Please mother dont let them do this to me".

She laughed at me and said "I not your mother, have funboys".

Then she said to her brother "Why bring his to his room it would be more fun if they had him here in front of all of us.

"Ya sounds good. Boys its your turn".he said.

The boys stripped their clothes off and prepared to have their fun.

My stepmom pulled my legs back over my head and then Mike pushed his 7" _c_o_c_k_ into my ass. The pain was there but with all the pain i had taken i hardly felt it. Tom put his 5" _c_o_c_k_ in my mouth they pumped and pumped until they filled my mouth and ass.

As a final embarrasment i was forced to stand in front of everyone and mastrabate until I squirted all over the floor.

I was forced to sleep with the boys that night while they took turns on me. But as i layed there i knew that they would pay for this night.

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