Red Spanked Basketball Playing Butts

by Irish Spanker

Part I contd of Red spanked Basketball playing Butts

One morning as I was leaving for work, I work Jared and Scott both up from a deep restful summer sleep to again reiterate the rules of the house. I expected the house to be clean and the rooms immaculate when I returned home. since the boys played basketball year round, their jocks were strewn all about the house, clothes and kitchen dishes all over the place, even in their rooms, which was a definite no-no. So I wanted the laundry done as well. And finally, I reminded them that there was to be no visitors in the house if I am not here. Since Dan and Brett were the ones that had dishes in their room, I asked either Jared or Scott to discipline them

"Jared would you please take Dan and strip his clothes and give him 25 of your best for leaving his dirty dishes where they do not belong."

Scott would you please take Brett and give him the option of either stripping himself or you stripping him and then give him 25 of your best."

"We will" they replied gleefully.

I hugged the boys, who were attired in just their boxers, their rippled muscles and their hairless torso exposed. I then left after being reassured that all of this would be accomplished.

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