Red Spanked Basketball Playing Butts Part 3

by Irish Spanker <>

continuation part 3

The boys, Scott and Jaren had been awoken by me at 6:00 as I was heading off to the office for another long day. The boys did not want to go back to sleep so they set about plotting and planning the day's activities which I wanted completed before I returned. These included doing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning from top to bottom the house, and of course, spanking the 10 year old twins for leaving dirty dishes in their room, a violation of standing house policy. I sure hope there is enough time in the day for them to accomplish this. They are not very good time managers.

"What time should we wake the boys Jaren," Scott asked.

"Oh, let them sleep until 8:00. That will give me time to discipline you before you have to take charge of one of the twins," Jaren replied

"What did I do," Scott demanded in a rude tone of voice.

"Well, when Uncle Bud mentioned that his white glove inspection last night found some rooms dirty, do you suppose he was talking about yours".

Well, your room is not exactly pristine, you know", Scott replied.

"We are not talking about my room, _s_h_i_t_head." "We are talking about your room. should we go check. Remember the penalty for lying."

"Well if you spank me, than I should be able to spank you, if your room is messy, as well."

"I am older," Jaren replied, and I am in charge of you."

"It is not right nor fair, I am going to call Uncle Bud and see if I have permission to spank you if your room is out of order", Scott retorted

"You just go ahead and do that, dickhead", Jaren replied

Scott went to the phone and dialed his Uncle Bud's phone at work.

"Hello, Uncle Bud, I was wondering if I had permission to spank Jaren if his room is messy. He was going to spank me and I told him that was not fair because his room is messy, too. He then coped an attitude with me and said that since he was older than me, I couldn't spank him without your permission."

"Scott, you interrupted an important client to ask that stupid question. You know that he is older so he is not to be spanked by anyone but me. So, tonight when I get home I am not only going to spank him, I will spank you as well for this blatant disregard of my business affairs." "Goodbye, I replied as I slammed down the phone on Scott's ear.

"What did he say, birdbrain" Jaren wanted to know.

"He was pissed that I interrupted him, so he said that I was going to get it from him tonight."

"Did he say anything about whether you could spank me or not." Jaren asked.

"He said that since you are the oldest, I can not spank you."

"Ahh, Told you", Jaren replied sarcastically.

"Yeah, but he said that he would take care of you tonight, Mr. High and Mighty Hot _s_h_i_t_."

You could tell the air went out of Jaren's bravado, "Well let us take a look at your room, since you are my responsibility," Jaren replied.

Jaren started across the hall to Scott's room with Scott close behind on his heels. Jaren opened the door and gasped, "Holy _s_h_i_t_, this room is a fricking disaster area. It looks as if Hurricane Scott lives here. what do you have to say for yourself, young man."

"I have been busy with basketball and weight lifting that I have not had the time to clean this room," Scott replied apologetically.

"That is no excuse. I am busy, too and I have time to clean better than this, I think it is just laziness on your part, Scotty. What is the punishment for leaving a room a mess like this."

"If we leave it just a little messy, we get 25."

"That is right. If we leave it a little messy, but I do not call this a little messy. How many should you get for this." Jaren wanted to know the answer.

"I know we made up the consequences but we never talked about a mess like this", Scott replied.

"You are right. Would you like me to decide, or are you man enough to take that many."

Scott answered with his head down "50."

"That is just for starters, Scott"

"What else did I do." Scott replied

"For starters, you lied or deceived me when you told me your room was acceptable to Uncle Bud." "Then there has been your attitude, it sucks." "So this is what I am going to do. I will give you choice of how you would like it and with what instrument but I am going to choose the amount and the intensity. Do you understand Scott," Jaren asked

"Yes," came the feeble answer.

"Good, then what is your decision."

"I will choose your hand and hands grasping ankles,"Scott replied.

"Smart choice, however, you did not tell me what you are going to be wearing."

"Nothing,"came the weak response.

"I can't hear you," Jaren responded

"I said Nothing Master", came a much clearer answer.

"Very Good, then you now what you need to do. I can not spank you as many times as I am going to with my hand, because it will get tired. So I am going to give you, 50 now with my hand and then at noontime I will give you another 50 with an instrument of your choice. That will take care of the mess in the room. Then later today, you will get 100 for lying to me with whichever instrument you choose. Now we don't have that much time before the twins need to be woken up, so let's get started.

Scott slowly took his hands and put it in his waistband. Soon his 5 in dick was exposed, covered with a nice black bush. He reached down and grabbed his ankles. "I am ready, Master Jaren."

"Good, please count and if you skip a number we will start at the beginning. Slap


Slap, smack, slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, SLap, slap, Smack, I can not hear you. You must keep up. We are at 10 and you only counted 1 time. So, we will continue. You do not need to count but I will add nine more to your punishment."

"Smack, Smack, Smack I am sorry I will not leave my room a mess. It hurts. Please stop, Smack Smack Smack

"Your ass is now a crimson red, but by the time I finish it will be maroon with black and blue thrown in>" smack, smack. Smack, smack, Smack, Slap. so it went for the entire 50. When Jaren had finshed, Scott was blubbering like a baby, has he had been throughout the session.

"Wait until the team members see my little 16 year old brother acting like a baby. We still have 150 more to go. You need to be a man. If you continue to cry like a baby, instead of being a good role model for your brothers, I will have no choice but to treat you like one by shaving all your hair."

"Please don't, Jaren. I will handle myself better the rest of the sessions."

"You need to go stand in the corner for the next half hour before we wake the boys."

"Yes, Master."

Jaren could already see contrition on Scott's face and he was wondering how Scott would handle the othe 150. His ass will definitely be on fire. It will be pretty hard for Scott to play any sport for awhile. But Jaren was also worried that he was going to get it from his uncle, for the first time in a long time tonight. I hope I do not do anything else wrong today, or my ass will be matching Scott's, he thought.

"Let us go and wake the twins now, Scott. However, I want you to only wear a jock so your young brothers can see what is in store for them."

to be continued.......

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