Red Spanked Basketball Playing Butts Part 1 And 2

by Irish Spanker <>

This is a resubmission of the story already posted. Some of the story and preliminary information was glitched out before. So for your enjoyment here is the information on the semi-real story. Suggestions or comments email me. This is my first foray into MMSA Stories. This story does involve spanking of teen and preteen boys by siblings, parents and friends. It also involves stripping and shaving. Enjoy. This is a story that will be posted in parts over time.

Basketball is my nephews' favorite sport. they play competitively in high school and grade school. They are always at somebody's house playing, or they are at my house playing 5 on 5 on the full length basketball court in my backyard. It is a good way for them to stay off the streets and out of trouble. But sometimes trouble does find them and in a big way,

I and my wife have had custody of the four boys since my brother and sister in law were killed in a car accident two years ago. The traumatic death and transition to living with us as been difficult for all of them, but especially for the two youngest, both twins age 10, Dan and Brett. The other boys are Jaren, 17 and Scott, 16. As a result of this difficulty, we have tried to ease the transition and burden by not disciplining them as harshly as we might have otherwise. However, lately their behavior has gotten worse and unless I take matters into my own hand, I do not see it improving.

My wife is a flight attendant and travels extensively. We try to work hard to support our young charges. I work long hours as a lawyer, so I expect Jaren and Scott to take on the parental role to the twins, including disciplining them if necessary. I have not personally spanked any of the boys in the past year, and it is beginning to show. However, Jaren being the oldest has spanked Scott and the twins for various transgressions, from using the car without permission to leaving their rooms a mess. Scott has also spanked the youngsters. These spankings will be in further postings on MMSA Stories. the boys do not need permission to spank from me. However, they do need to inform me afterwards so I can check their handiwork and administer more discipline if necessary. I have never had to administer more spanks to Dan and Brett's butts because they are usually very red. I administer a grounding or loss of priveleges on top of this punishment. If I think that the boys abused their priveleges than Scott and Jaren get it from me; however, I have never felt as if the discipline of the boys was never warranted.

Like I said, I had not spanked any of the boys in over a year, even though I witnessed some of the sessions. However, that was going to change today. Before I left for work, I awoke Jaren and Scott to give them explicit instructions of the comportment that I expected that day, on their summer vacation. There were to be no visitors to the house when we are not present, which is a standing rule in our house. I had also wanted them to clean their rooms and the rest of the house before they played with their friends outside. They know that the house was to be clean when I returned home or their would be consequences. They figured they would just be grounded, I quess.

When I came home the previous evening, I had made a mental note of the condition of the house. Since the boys played ball year around, their jockstraps and shoes were strewn in every room in the house. Clothes and dishes were in every room of the house, including the twins bedrooms, again a violation of a house rule and a definite no-no. So when I woke them up in the morning, it was to remind them of the rules. Since Dan and Brett were the ones with food plates in their room, I asked Jaren and Scott to handle this, as well.

"Jaren, will you please discipline Dan. Give him the option of instrument, position and dress. However, if you strip him or he decides to stay dressed, he gets double. IF he makes a good choice and takes his clothes off then he gets the usual. These were rules that the boys came up with, not me. so give him at least 25 of your best for this infraction. You can add more if it is needed; however, I am going to check him when I get home, which again is standard operating procedure."

Scott, please do the same with Brett, again with the same qptions and qualifications as with Dan."

"We will", they replied enthusiastically.

I hugged the boys, who because they were attired only in their nightclothes of boxers, their boners were quite obvious. Also, their rippled muscles and hairless torso's were exposed. They only have hair protruding from their boxers and under their arms, everything was smooth. I then left for work after being reassured that all of this would be accomplished. I felt confident that with a busy day they would get it all done. I was wrong

to be continued

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