Red Spanked Basketball Playing Butts Part 4 the Twins Get It on the End

by Irish Spanker <>

part 4. You might want to read the first three parts of this story posted previously on MMSA Stories to get a better understanding of the characters and setting.

Scott came out of the mandatory corner time after receiving 50 of the 200 he was going to receive of Jaren's best. Jaren, his older brother by one year, had directed him to only wear a jockstrap for the rest of the day, so the twins could see what happens to disobedient charges, and what would be happening to them. Scott's butt was a deep purple color.

"May I have permission to put on a jock," 16 year old Scott asked Jaren.

"Yes, however, we have to hurry as we still have a busy and fun day ahead of us."

Scott wades through the mess in his room and reaches for a dresser of drawers. He pulls out a white jock and gradually slips it up over his feet, up his legs and thighs and finally to his hips. He grimaces as he adjusts it. The straps reach his crimson colored marks on his upper thigh where Jaren had just savagely beat with his bare hand.

"If you want me to put lotion on it, I will so that you will be able to handle the remaining 150."

"Thank You Jaren for that offer."

"Come over here and lie over my knee and I will lotion those red ass cheeks of yours."

After the lotioning is done, the two boys embrace. One boy dressed only in a pair of boxers and the other one in a jockstrap. You can tell that both of them are supporting boners. The boners touch.

"Thank You Jaren for disciplining me. You are the best big brother anyone can ask for. I know that this is for my own good and I will try to do better in the future."

"What I want you to be thinking about is how you would like the remaining 150. Not only the instrument, but your state of dress and your posture. I want you to be thinking about this and your behavior the rest of this morning. Right now we need to go wake the twins and start their day off. After we deal with their errant behavior, I will get back to you. Are you ready, Scott to help me tame these two boys."

"Let us go", Scott replies

"Ok, I will wake Dan and you will wake Brett. Let's take them to the family room to have a discussion first," Jaren directs Scott

"Dan, honey, it is time to rise and shine. It is 8:00. I want you in the family room in 5 minutes. We have a lot of things to accomplish today. You do not have to get dressed if you do not want to. See you in 5," Jaren instructs

Dan, who has his own room groggily wakes up. He is 4 ft 11 inches and about 95 lbs. He is dressed in white boxers. He has olive skin, brown eyes and bleached blond hair. He is 2 in cut. He wonders what is up. Meanwhile, his twin, who has the same body type is being woken up by Scott.

"Why do you only have a jock on, Scott" Brett asks anxiously.

"I was bad, so Jaren punished me", Scott replies.

In five minutes all four boys are gathered in the family room. The two 10 year old are oblivious to the fate that awaits them.

"You are probably wondering why you are here," Jaren asks

The twins nod their heads.

"Can you please tell both Scott and myself, the consequences that we have all come up with for various misbehaviors."

"We get spanked and grounded." Dan replies

"That is right," Jaren replies. "Can you tell us for what do you get spanked for, what type of misbehaviors?", Scott asks Brett.

"Lying" Brett replies

Ok, how many is lying worth, Scott demands the youngster tell him.

"At least 25" Dan says

"That is right. Are you entitled to keep any clothes on for the punishment." Jared responds

"It is our choice", replies Brett.

"That is right, it is your choice. What if you decide to keep your clothes on, than what happens?, Jaren continues

"We get double", Dan replies

"Does that pertain to all spankings?", Jaren wants to know.

"Yes." Brett replies.

OK, what are you spanked with, Dan"

"Again that is our choice. We can choose the bare hand, a paddle, a belt, a slipper or anything else, "he replies quizically

"Brett, if you choose the paddle is your punishment decreased."


"That is right. Now name the other behaviors that will get you punished. Also, please tell us the positions that you may choose."

"Stealing or cheating, 50 with a paddle on our bare butt bent over touching our ankles. Leaving our room messy is 25 with our choice of instrument, position and dress. Being disrespectful or not following directions is 50 with a belt, over your knee with our willy inside your knees so you can fondle it, on our bare butt." Dan and Brett both replies

"That is right. There are others but you did a good job remembering them." Scott replies.

"Why do you think you boys are here now,"Jaren asks.

"Probably because we were bad", replies Dan unsure.

"What do you think you did that was bad, Brett," Jaren asks.

"I am not sure."

"Well", replies Scott, "what is one of the rules of the house?"

"Having a clean room," Brett replies.

"Exactly. What exactly is not okay about your rooms boys? If you need to go look, you may but it will cost you double," Jaren replies.

"I left my jock and other clothes out", replies Dan

"So did I," Brett answers.

"Where did you eat two nights ago," Scott asks,

"OOps, Our room," replies Dan.

"What is the punishment then for that offense, Dan."

"We left our room a little messy so that should be 25."

"Jaren, he thinks that he should only get 25. What do you think," Scott wonders.

"Well, let us see. Before Uncle Bud did the white glove treatment last night, he asked the boys if their rooms were cleaned. They answered yes. Then he wakes us up this morning to let us know that these boys violated a standing rule of the house, that of no dishes in any part of the house except dining room and kitchen. So. I think Scott that they should also get some extra added for lying to our uncle. What do you think?"

"OH YEAH, I forgot about that. So their punishment should actually be 75 of our best. 50 for lying. That will be done with the paddle on their bare butts. 25 for leaving their room a mess. They have the choice there of position, attire and instrument. Jaren, do you think their room was a little messy or a lot of messy. Also, do you think maybe they were disrespectful to Uncle Bud when they said their room was clean, or can we just get by with them lying about it?"

"I think their room is a lot messy and yes, I do believe they were disrespectful to Uncle. Not necessarily saying their rooms were clean, but how they said it, with a sarcastic tone of voice." This then will be their punishment. I will take Dan into his room. He will have a choice of stripping himself, me stripping him, or remaining fully clothed. He then will have the option of the belt, the paddle, the cane, the whip, the slipper or the cat o nine tails. He will have the option of standing bendiing down and touching his ankles, OTK, or draped over the arm of the chair. After he has decided all of that we will come out here and proceed. We want the choice to be yours, that is why we are doing it in your room. However, the punishment will be in front of your brother to add to the humiliation. Scott, you will be responsible for Brett's consequence. Again, take him to his room and let him decide, for himself, his fate and sealing of his doom. We will tell you later how many you will suffer but rest assured it will be long. You will not be playing basketball with any clothes on for quite awhile. We have a lot to do today so let's get cracking (the Whip).

The boys walked slowly to their room with their heads held low, their tale, soon to be a nice crimson color, between their knees, with the tormentors, their brothers holding their arms. What will their decision be?

Next part the decision and punishment of the 10 year old Subsequent parts Scott gets more from Jaren, Scott gets more from the twins, Scott shaved by the twins, Scott spanked by basketball team. The twins get it from me, Scott gets it from me, Jaren gets it from me, neighbors watch and get it from me. Jaren gets spanked by the twins and shaved by them. Twins get it from neighbors and from their mother. Stayed tuned Tell me what you think of this semi-true story.

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