Red Spanked Basketball Playing Butts the 10 Year Old Twins Get It on the Bare

by Irish Spanker <>

when we last left the story, Scott wearing only a jockstrap, after having received 50 of 200 owed him by Jaren, was leading Dan down the hallway, his tail between his knees so he could decide in the privacy of his room, how he was going to receive his spankings. Likewise, Jaren was leading Dan's identical twin , Brett down the hall to his room so he, too, could decide his fate.

"Ok, Dan, have you made up your mind how you would like to receive your punishment. As you know, you have a lot coming and it is your decision on some of it," asked Scott.

"I have a lot coming so I do not want to make it harder on me than it already is going to be, so I will make a good choice and decide to be totally bare."

"That is a good boy. Will you please step out of your jockeys please."

Dan slowly and deliberately takes his hands and lowers his jockeys ever so gently. He wants to delay the inevitable. Meanwhile, Jaren has asked Brett what his decision will be and he too agrees that he has enough coming, that he better choose naked, as well.

"Very good, Brett, will you step out of your jockeys, Jaren responds.

There is a knock on Brett's door. "come in" came the reply.

"Jaren can I see you out in the hall please," asks Scott.


Jaren goes out into the hall and Scott tells him that Dan as made a good decision to be naked. Jaren likewise tells Scott that Brett has made a good decision, as well.

"do we want them to wear a supporter to add to the suspense, humiliation and provide them with a little protection. Also, how many should they receive," Scott asks Jaren.

"Yes tell Dan to put on a supporter and I will tell Brett. I think for leaving their room a lot messy with dishes that they should get 100 plus the ones they are going to receive for being disrespectful to Uncle and lying, so that is a total of 175 with different instruments involved and different positions, too"

Scott and Jaren agree to have the boys out ready in 5. "I am going to give him some hand spanks just to get him started," stated Scott.

"I am, too."

Scott returns to Dan's room. "come here please, Dan. I am going to get you started before the big show," stated Scott as he blew into his hand to warm it up.

Dan walks gingerly, not as gingerly as he will be later, but nevertheless gingerly towards Scott.

"Please drape yourself over my knee." Scott asks.

Dan does slowly, of course amd Scott rubs his arse. "These are not going to be as hard as they are going to be in a few minutes, but this is to get you started."

"Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack."

"Please put a supporter on Dan. You handled that well. the jock will provide you with some sense of modesty."

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