Wrestle Spank

by Jerry Berry

Leo can't believe his eyes. He's watching as old man, "JAke the Snake" carries the muscular Jase 'Kid Rock' Johnson around the ring over his head. The Kid's oiled and bulging muscles gleam under the smoky lights. One of Jake's broad, gnarled hands grip The Kid across the chest, making an imprint in the bulging pec muscles. The other hand grips The Kid firmly around the crotch, his long, thick fingers grasping across The Kid's lower glutes. Leo stared, imaging how that muscular ass felt under Jake's grip.

Then Leo swallowed and stared, as Jake tangles The Kids head in the ropes, and gives him the spanking of his life with a huge, thick frat paddle! The resounding cracks echo across the ring. Finally, Leo has to cover himself with his newspaper to hide the lump swelling in his pants as Jake begins to yank down the back of The Kid's trunks. Leo's head swam and the noisy crowd receded in the distance as he stared lustily at the smooth, round and bulging flesh coming into view. Even from across the ring, he could see the well-defined butt muscles flexing as they came into view! Leo's face burned red as he noticed the embarrassment on The Kid's face. Jase's forehead dripped sweat, his neck twisted to look back in horror as he watched Jake peel down the skin-tight lycra trunks. Leo couldn't believe how Jake was humiliating this young upstart. Jake had said he would, too!

Jase 'Kid Rock' Johnson vs Jake 'The Snake'", the flyers announced. Leo glanced up from the flyer as he crossed the Brooklyn street littered with papers and trash. Jake told him to make this fight cuz he planned to humiliate and take apart the little Jase punk. Jake didn't take too kindly to new guys trying to muscle in on his turf. And his turf was the mafia circuit. Underground fight rings in out of the way buildings where guys gathered to place their bets, and the mafia underworld raked in the illegal take.

Leo looked forward to it. Not too much exciting happened in his drab existence, and if one thing turned him on, it was seeing these muscle guys get taken down a few pegs in the ring. He especially like the "ball-buster"move were a guy straddles the ropes and busts his nuts in the process.

A small crowd of hoods, gamblers, and other low life were already gathering in the basement of Auggie's warehouse on the upper west side. Leo nodded to this one and that one as he passed through the crowd, finally taking a seat toward the front of the bleachers at ringside. Close enough where he could see the action.

The buzz remained low and steady as Leo scanned the horse race results. A slight upturn in the noise of the crowd got his attention, and he looked up in time to see Kid Rock swagger toward the ring from the dressing area. "Buff looking kid" and "Look a' those muscles" were comments Leo overheard from the guys around him.

Jase "Kid Rock" did have the muscles. He strutted toward the ring, oiled biceps, pecs, lats, you name it, glistening in the smokey ring-side lighting. He spit confidently just before he bent through the ropes, his legs and bubble butt bulging slightly with the effort under the loose, shimmery athletic trousers. When he hit the center of the ring, the crowd quieted momentarily as Kid Rock bent, grabbed the loose-fitting gear in front of each leg, and yanked them off in one, smooth movement. This exposed his shimmery, royal blue trunks that hugged his muscular, trim hips and waist, making him appear even more buff and in shape than before.

The Kid's bright blue eyes scanned the crowd without fear from within the handsome, square-jawed face as he straightened and tossed the garment to his manager. He dodged and shifted, punching the air with his upper cut and one-two punch in slow repetition. But then the Kid slowed his self-conscious solo performance and looked around as he suddenly realized that the attention of the crowd had shifted, and they no longer noticed him.

The Kid, too, slowly turned and stared, a dumb look on his handsome face, to see what was of interest. The crowd noise picked up as the lights dimmed, and a spot light played over the dark form coming from the dressing rooms. This form also walked with a slight swagger, but was taller and broader than The Kid. Dark, longer hair and dark goatee framed the sneering face of Jake 'The Snake' Zerelli as the spotlight played over his face and he entered the ring.

The guys around the ring broke into hoots, cat-calls, and cheers as their old standby, and winner of many a fight, raised his fists in victory and danced in a semi-circle around his side of the ring. Jake was older than The Kid, but had the confidence that came from being a seasoned wrestler and part of this crowd for many years. Jake pranced to the crowd wearing his black, skin-like tights and tatoo of a snake writhing across his broad chest muscles. He didn't have the buff muscles of The Kid, or the handsome, rugged face framed in blondish-brown hair and blue eyes like The Kid. But he had the crowd eating out of his hand.

Jase "The Kid's" lips curled in a sneer of contempt at the old man who had his back to him, caught up in the praise of the crowd. The Kid's muscular deltoids flexed involuntarily as he mentally prepared to start. A ref was waiting patiently to the side as The Snake basked in the crowd's shouts.

Suddenly, The Kid pounced! The time for waiting was over. No matter that 'The Snake' was preoccupied with his back toward his opponent. If the old guy was so stupid as to ignore his worthy opponent and miss his chance, so be it. The Kid jumped up onto the back of his slightly taller challenger, getting him in a headlock, and slamming him with a resounding smack, bouncing him off his back on the floor of the ring. The crowd of mostly male voices oooou'ed in surprise at the low blow, then roared encouragement as Jake bounced.

Jake writhed with his face contorted in pain, arching his back from the searing pain in his back where his backslide slammed the deck. The deck platform gave slightly as Jake made contact, bouncing him back up a few inches to almost sitting. Then as Jake struggled to stand, The Kid grabbed him by the arm and ran him into the ropes. Jake ran with him and bounced off the ropes, his face forming a look of stern concentration.

The Kid was in form now, and got overconfident. His inexperienc in the ring let him down, and let him gloat too soon. He expected The Snake to helplessly run into his strong right-armed body slam back to the mat. But the Snake was ready for him.

To the delight of the men, Jake turned the tables and took control of the match. As he sprang back from the ropes toward the crouching Kid, he slowed himself enough to regain control of his hurtling body to miss the next slam The Kid tried to dish out. Instead he slowed down and delivered a quick kick to The Kid's stomach.

The kid doubled over clutching his muscular abs, a look of surprise and pain on his face. He was completely startled at how quickly the old man had recovered and takend the upper hand. The Snake took the younger man's muscle-bound frame around the neck and started to walk him around the ring, still half bent over in pain from the stomach kick.

The crowd bellowed and yelled all kinds of instructions of what to do to The Kid next. Leo was beside himself, wondering what Jake planned to do to bring about the predicted humiliation. Leo was on his feet with the men around him so he wouldn't miss a thing.

Jake had the smaller stud by the head, looking around to gauge the next move. Suddenly, The Kid slammed to the mat with a resounding slam. He bounced up holding his lower back. He starts to stand, and Jake grabs his head again. The Kid slammed to the mat again, this time in the opposite direction. Three more times in succession, The Kid slammed into the mat. Twice more he slammed on his back, bouncing up arched in pain. Each time, Leo eyed The Kid's hunky tail as his muscular glutes stretched and flexed the shiny fabric of his trunks.

The final slam was face down. He bounced up slightly, then flopped down flat on his face. Now face down, his ass was slightly upturned, legs spread-eagled on the mat. The shimmery, royal blue trunks stretched and rode up slightly over the bottom of each taut cheek, showing a little sliver of skin that was whiter than the tan of his strong, thick legs. His amazing pecs and biceps bulged as he slowly pushed up from the mat and gave his head a slow shake.

Jake stood menacingly over his victim who was starting to get up on his hands and knees, but looked somewhat groggy. The Kid had lost his initial advantage, and looked somewhat stunned. Jake lifted his large, black shoe and brought it down across The Kid's tailbone. Leo noticed how The Kid's muscular buttocks bulged in the shiny, royal blue trunks just before The Snake's shoe struck. The Kid slammed immediately back to the mat, stomped flat.

Jake's powerful, black shoe stomped The Kid across the tail bone 3 more times. The Kid roles away from the stomping shoe, almost in a drunken state from the pain across his lower back and tail bone. The men looking on stand and are going wild.

Jake grabs an arm and helps the staggering Jase back on his feet. Jase The "Kid Rock" staggered along as Jake led him over by the ropes. Jake swung him around to face the ropes and stood over the groggy Kid Rock from behind. Jake bends him forward, hugging down over The Kid's shoulders until he could grasp each side of the blue trunks. Jake begins to lift up. What was this? Would he slam The Kid down on his own feet ?

No! Jake swung The Kid's right leg up and over the ropes, landing him to straddle the top rope! The Kid bounces his crotch over the ropes, grimmaces in severe pain, and falls back to the floor of the ring as The Snake stomps away with both fists in the air. The Kid rolls up in a ball, holding his smashed nuts! The men are all hollering at once, yelling out obscenities as they identify with what The Kid is now feeling between his legs!

After a brief romp around the ring to bask in the glory, Jake comes back to close in for the kill. Leo is on his feet again, watching The Kid's muscular buttocks straining in the shimmery blue trunks, the face contorted in pain. This could be it, the humiliation Jake told him to expect. What was it going to be? Jake had said that he would really "spank" The Kid and finish him for good. Leo couldn't imagine what that meant.

"Spank" was used metaphorically for a lot of things, but it meant humiliation of some kind. Jake was going to finish him off somehow so that he wouldn't soon be back fighting at this ring.

Leo looked over at the mafia bosses on the other side of the ring. Frankie Scorlione was there, along with his Dad Auggie, and his uncles. The two uncles each had a died blonde with them as usual, neither of which looked all the interested in the match. Frankie's greaser slicked back look was handsome, and Leo admired how Frankie handled himself, always cool no matter what. Frankie was on his feet watching the match with interest, along with the uncles. The older men with Auggie spoke together, eyeing the match indirectly.

Jake helps up the hapless Kid Rock again! Leo couldn't figure it. Jake could have pinned him and won the match the way The Kid was staggering, seeming to be helpless in The Snakes bear hug. Once again Jake walks the shorter muscle guy to the ropes. But this time he bends him forward, and shoves his head through the top two ropes. Then he quickly maneuvers the top rop under the Kid's chin, and the middle rope up over the top of The Kid's head. The Kid now finds himself hung in the ropes by the neck! He's struggling bent over, with both hands straining to free his neck from the ropes. He's staggering, bent over, his shimmering buttocks facing Leo.

The men are going wild. The Kid's manager is over at the ring shouting at the ref. The ref is shouting back, looking from the trapped Kid Rock to The Kid's manager and back. Leo noticed that The Kid's manager wasn't bad looking himself. Fit, trim body might indicate he was a wrestler himself. He was as blond and blue-eyed as The Kid, but a little older, and muscles not as big. Leo did notice he wore tight, black trousers and a white, pullover shirt that showed off his trim waistline and broad chest. Right now, the blond manager's face was red as he yelled up at the ref, gesturing toward the bound up kid. The ref isn't sure whether to interfere, but he's so distracted by the shouting manager, he doesn't see what happens next!

The Snake reaches into the front of his tights and pulls out a short rope. Then he proceeds to put The Kid's arms through the tangled ropes, and ties The Kid's wrists securely together.

The Kid is now helpless as a roped steer, staggering from the beating, and now bound neck and arms in the ropes. The Kid is bent over, feet spread nicely apart, making a great target of his ass right then. Leo couldn't take his eyes off of that muscular, bubble butt!

The ref is still arguing with The Kid's manager, now with his back completely to the proceedings in the ring. The crowd is yelling. Some yell suggestions to The Snake. "Take him apart!" "Finish him off!" "Spank his ass!" Others yell at the stupid ref. "Whassa matter?" "Hey jerk off!" "Look over here!"

The Snake jumps down through the ropes and reaches under the cloth that hides the underside of the ring. There are a number of metal chairs, wooden tables and other junk piled under there. But when he pulls his hand back out, he's now holding a huge paddle! Looks like one of those long, thick frat paddles! Leo sees the paddle and stares in shock. "Spank" meant spank! Jake is going to spank this kid's ass! Oh man!

Jake hops back into the ring and approaches the slowly gyrating backside of The Kid. What a nice butt! He is gyrating, sometimes hips up and down pulling at the rope, sometimes left and right, trying to slip his head from its trap in the tangled ropes. The Scorliones, including Frankie, are watching with interest. The older men stop talking and pay more attention. Even the blondes are sitting forward, watching with interest! Frankie has his arms folded across his chest with one hand up over his face, looking like he dreads to see what is coming next! He looks embarrassed for The Kid! One of the uncles is standing there the same way, with feet firmly planted wide apart in a tough stance, but face looking like, 'Aw jeesh, this can't be happening!"

The Kid's head whips around, mouth forming an "O", face beet red, as Jake reaches for the waist band of his trunks. The crowd is shouting loudly as Jake looks around with raised eyebrows as if asking the crowd's opinion on what to do. Almost as if he's asking for permission to pull down the trunks and spank The Kid's bare ass right there in the ring! Leo has to cover his crotch with his newspaper to hide the sudden swelling in his pants! This can't be happening!

The crowd shouts their approval, so Jake starts to peel down the shiny, royal blue lycra. The top of Jase's bulging butt muscles start to pop out of the trunks. A dark shadow revealed under the center of the trunks begins to give definition to the two defined, muscular bulges pressing out on either side. Leo's eyes follow the trunks on their slow descent. The Kid tries to pull forward, calves bulging showing the effort of his lower legs, but it isn't working. The trunks are about half mast when Jake stops to deal with the ref.

The ref is now suddenly back. He approaches in shock, taking in the scene with the Kid's smooth, bare ass half in view. Jake is so revved up by this point, and annoyed to be interupted, that he lunges toward the ref as if to grab him for a throw to the mat. The ref holds up both hands and backs off to the ropes. Jase's manager is astounded. He can't believe that the ref is allowing this, as Jake turns back to finish off his prey. So the manager starts to climb into the ring to rescue Jase.

Jake is now back with both massive hands on the lycra waist band. One sudden yank and the waist band pops suddenly to the bottom of Jase's ass. The two, muscular, shiny bare cheeks pop startlingly into view. The crowd roars approval, with lots of snickers, catcalls, and mock wolf whistles. The two bleached blondes come up to where Jase's head sticks through the ropes, his face burning with shame. They are saying something to Jase, who tries to look away and escape. Their low cut blouses give him quite a view down their cleavage, Leon notices. What could they be saying?

The women are looking toward Jase's crotch, which is still well covered, since the trunks are only pulled down in the back. Whatever they're saying, Jase closes his eyes and pulls harder, but his head is really tangled fast in those ropes.

Jake was just about to raise the paddle up for his first whack, when he noticed Jase's manager striding across the ring. He drops the paddle and gives his full attention to the irate, blonde manager coming at him. Jake lunges, head locks the guy, and has him in his grip. The manager's butt looks pretty good in the black trousers, bent over in Jakes grasp. Leo is astounded at how good this is getting.

Jake gets Jase's manager ready to take a fall, pulling his head around until he's behind him, and grabbing the waistband of the tight, black trousers and lifting up. The manager goes up, and bounces to the mat squarely on his feet and taking the brunt of the slam up the crotch and backbone. He bounces slightly, and then curls up in agony holding his crotch. The crowd noise comes in waves, washing over the ring as each move unfolds.

Jake helps the manager to his feet. The guy is out of shape if he was a wrestler, and he's staggering, leaning against Jake's big, muscle-bound frame for support. Jake sidesteps him, and runs his head and shoulders through the ropes right next to Jase! Now big Jakey's got to nice, big rear ends to discipline. This is really getting good. Now Jase's manager is going get a public spanking too! Leo thinks that Vince McMahon couldn't have scripted it better!

Jake goes back to Jase, gently pats The Kids bare ass, and bends to pick up the paddle. Once again he looks around at the crowd in mock questioning and gets a roar of approval, sprinkled with hoots and catcalls. The ref backs off, shaking his head, and slips out of the wring. He throws up hands in disgust, as if to say that it's out of his hands now. I guess he doesn't want to risk getting his own ass spanked in the ring! The mafia bosses are smiling, puffing their stogies, and occasionally leaning over to share some remark with each other. Looks like they're enjoying this too.

Jake raises the paddle to start the first whack, when he stops suddenly. He walks up behind the manager, who is looking warily over his shoulder as Jake approaches. His face registers shock when he sees Jake coming for him. Jase is still struggling bare-assed there next to his manager, trying everything to escape those ropes before the giggling blondes.

The Jake does something else. Leo begins to become feverish with excitement. Leo almost yells out to Jake. Jake, man, what are ya doing? This is unbelievable. Jake takes hold of the polka dot boxers at the bottom of each leg, and is tugging playfully as if to pull them down! Oh my god! Leo stares with his mouth hanging open. The blondes sidle over and start talking to the manager, leaving Jase to struggle alone.

The manager is gyrating his hips, trying to escape Jake. He's beet red, face craned back toward Jake, and forming the word, "No!" over and over. But to no avail. Jake tugs, and the manager's butt cheeks start to appear. Another playfull tug, and the manager is wiggling his hips in a humiliating dance to try to escape, but the boxers slip to the middle of first the left, then the right cheek. His glutes are nice and full and round, but not quite as defined, and not quite as smooth shaven as Jases. The manager has a slightly hairy ass, but very nice too.

Jake reaches up to the backside of the black trousers with two big paws, and gives a good yank. The crowd noise had dissapated just enough so that a loud rip echoed across the ring. The cute, blond manager cringes as his black trousers tear away. He's left standing there in shock with nothing but a pair of white boxers with red polka dots! It looks funny with the pants removed, black shoes and socks, and bare, hairy legs. The crowd noise swells in approval. Leo stares in shock at the manager in his boxers. Wow, his face has gotten as beat red as Jase's!

And, Leo sees that something is beginning to stick out the front where the front of the boxers are bunched down, causing the boxer's fly to hang open. Leo shakes his head to see better. It is! This poor guy is getting a hard on, probably over the blondes in front of him, enticingly pursing thick, red lips and flouncing their buxom cleavage. And his thick, pink dick head is actually sticking out his fly! It's so hard, that the boxers are getting hung up on it!

Jake gives one last, playful tug and grinning from ear to ear. The crowd goes nuts as the boxers snap past the manager's erection and fall to his knees. His dick is left bouncing between his legs, the thick, pink, cut head curving slightly upward. The blondes squeal seductively, leaning on each other for support as they double over with laughter. The manager struggles, but Jake yanks the boxers down and off each foot, and then prances around the ring waving them in a victory dance.

Next, Jake goes back over to The Kid and, daintily grasping the back of the lycra trunks, looks around questioningly. Getting the crowd noise volume he's looking for, Jake begins to playfully tug at The Kid's trunks, just like he did with the manager's boxers. The Kid whips his head back over his shoulder and begs Jake to stop. Leo sees him mouthing the words, but no sound is heard over the shouts of the men. His mouth forms the words, "No Jake!" "No man!" "Please no!"

Jake playfully tugs a few times, stretching out the back of the trunks ever so slightly. Jase squeezes his butt together and cringes, waiting. Suddenly, with one yank, the little trunks slide to Jase's ankles, leaving one more erection bouncing in the breeze! Jase too is cut, and is very thick. Leo has a great view of The Kid's muscular ass, his smooth, plump balls hanging between his legs, and his erection bobbing. Jake pulls the trunks off both Jase's feet, leaving him naked except for the white gym socks and athletic shoes. Jake does another victory dance, the two bare asses gyrating in the background.

Jake flings the shiny, blue trunks into the crowd, and turns back to his victims. He picks up the frat paddle once more, and pretends to tiptoe up behind the men, drawing huge guffaws from the crowd. Jake positions himself behind Jase, and carefully lines up the thick paddle across the middle of Jase's ass. Jase puts his head down, and seems to lift his ass up away from the paddle he feels patting his handsome, round glutes. This has the effect of turning his ass up further in the air making a perfect target. Jake draws back, and swings that _f_u_c_k_in' paddle so hard, the air seems to whistle through the holes drilled along the paddle's length!

CRAAAAAA AAAAAAAACK! The paddle connects solidly with Jase's big, round ass! The noise of the paddle splits the air, temporarily quieting the crowd. A wide, pink stripe appears across the center of Jase's ass! The crowd roars, Jase sliding forward through the ropes to an almost standing position, dancing on tiptoe, erection bouncing. The manager could only shake his head an look down helplessly.

CRAAAAAA AAAAAAAACK! The paddle hits again, another solid connection, while Jase was still dancing on tiptoe from the first swing. The pain registers in The Kid's face this time, mouth forming an "ohhhhh" sound, and eyeballs popped open wide. Jase dances around more wildly this time, trying to shake the sting out of his ass. The next stripe appears half over the previous stripe, forming an overlapping portion that was more red than pink.

CRAAAAA AAAAAAAAAACK! This one landed just as Jase had sunk down to get his breath, so he was bent way forward. The paddle connected on a slight upswing, catching the underside of his bubble glutes. The handsome, round glutes bounce with the force, a new pink stripe across the underside of each cheek, and partially across the top of each leg. Jase whips around and begins to yell with a comical expression of fear on his handsome face. Leo could see he was forming the words like, "Stoppppp!" "Jake, stop now!" while he did his little dance. The crowd of men howled with delight as Jake paddled the ass of his opponent. Talk about getting pantsed! This guy was getting pantsed and paddled in the biggest humiliation imaginable in this little corner of the mafioso underworld. He'll never show his face, or ass, around these parts again, Leo thought!

Jake moved over to take up aim on Jase's manager. The guy had been looking down and seeming to shut out the scene around him. When Jake gently patted the thick paddle across his bare ass, he jumped as if startled back to reality. Then he gritted his teeth in a grimace to await the first swat.

CRAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAACK! The manager flew forward, and would have landed head first on the floor outside the ring if the ropes hadn't caught him. His feet flew up in the air, and his head went downward. The ropes flung him back upward, and he landed more or less on his feet and stumbled forward, bare ass in the air. The blondes below had been watching Jase's paddling, and now turned their attention to Jase's manager's erection once more. It bounced enticingly a few feet above where they stood squealing.

CRAAAAAAA AAAAAAAACK! A second, hot pink stripe appeared on the managers full, round ass above the first. He stumbled forward but didn't lose his balance.

Jake continued on, the guys laughing, talking, and calling out obscene names as the two captives were paddled for the next 20 minutes. Jake paddled their bare asses until they were red and swollen. The two helpless muscle jocks danced and howled in pain as Jake beat their bare asses raw. He especially seemed to enjoy the upswing motion that lifted the men onto their toes and seemed to cause the most embarrassing dancing and gyrating of any of the swings he tried.

Leo thought it was the best match he ever attended here at Scorlione's betting ring. Just when he thought it couldn't possibly get any better, Jake stopped the paddling and dropped the paddle. He helped Jase out of the ropes while his manager hung in his place panting and flexing his sore ass. Jake led Jase out into the center of the ring, and began to circle him. Somehow, Jake had obtained a long length of some kind of cord or twine. He was using it to rope up the naked Jase, looping it around his wrists, both ankles, and back over his shoulders to his wrists again. Then Loe noticed with a start that it also looped around Jase's balls, gathering them into a puffy little pouch circled with rope. Jase couldn't fully straighten up without yelping and quickly bending back down to get the pressure off his roped balls.

Next, Jake helped Jase's manager out of the ropes and walked him over to Jase. The manager seemed to resist slightly, until Jake took his big paw of a hand and swatted the guy's bare ass. Jakes had covered a good portion of the bare, reddened ass, and the guy jumped forward and kept going. Jake easily maneuvered him around in front of Jase, roped him in exactly the same way with his balls lassoed between his wrists and ankles just like Jase. Then Jake looped the two partners together into a joint rope trap. If either one backed up too far, it tightened the noose around his partner's balls, causing him to yelp and jump forward. If either one bent too far forward, the noose tightened around his own balls. The guys were still roaring, now hysterical at the embarrassing plight of the two stipped men.

Jake now had them in the center of the ring, slightly bent forward, red bare asses sticking out. Now the hapless pair were in for some real fun!

Jake jumped down and pulled out a garbage can lid, a belt, and some spray cans and tossed them up on the platform. Then he hopped back up himself. The two cowering, naked men were eyeing him suspiciously, wondering what was coming next. They didn't have long to wait. The tried to scuttle around the ring away from the big Jake in their bent over state, but one or the other would end up pulling too far the wrong direction, setting his partner to yelping and dancing.

Jake first grabbed up a spray can in each hand and approached the pair. He began to circle them, spraying out green and orange mist from the cans. Spray body paint? The crowd of men roared and howled as they watched Jake's victims get spray painted. They were now getting day glo green and orange blotches. Jase's hair, right butt cheek, and left leg were bright green. His left butt cheek, back, and arms were orange. His manager had a bright orange butt, and a green stripe up his back and over his head. The two men sputtered and yelped as they pulled this way and that to escape the flying paint.

Jase's manager jumped as Jake sprayed a blast of orange paint up his bare butt. JAse yelped in pain when his manager jumped. Jase, in turn, wiggled and turned to escape the blasts of green and orange paint spraying up and then down each side of his own bare ass cheeks. He was dragging his manager, yelping in pain in first one direction, and then the other. Finally, a long blast of bright orange covered their stomachs and bouncing erections. Leo was amazed at how these guys could stay so hard for so long and when in so much pain from their paddled butts.

Jake stopped the spraying and picked up the belt. He shoved the two men until they were circling each other steadily. They couldn't easily stop without yanking painfully on their roped _c_o_c_k_s and balls. Once Jake had them circling, he let go and raised the belt. As Jase came around, bare butt sticking out flexing as he walked slightly bent forward, the belt came down across his ass. Jase's face contorted as he jumped and yelped, which caused a chain reaction of yelping in his roped partner.

Then as Jase's manager came around, the belt landed across his bare ass in turn. Then he yelped and jumped, pulling the yelping Jase along with him. As each man passed by, red ass sticking out, the belt would whistle down across his bare posterior. It was a hilarious looking dance the two of them did as they twisted, turned, yelped and jumped to the noise of the group. Jake kept them going for a few minutes, faster and faster, their painted bright asses flashing by.

Finally, Jake dropped the belt and picked up the trash can lid. As Jase came around, his eyes bulged as he saw the lid flashing toward his own head. Whaaack! Jase stumbled forward dazed, bringing his manager around the circle. Whaack! the lid flashed down across his manager's head, sending him stumbling forward, staggering under the blow. Jake whacked them around in their little circle dance, batting them forward in turn until the pair of them staggered together, eyes rolling back, heads wobbling. They finally stopped circling and stood there wobbling back and forth holding onto each other. Whaaaa aaaack! the lid whistled down across both of them at once and they crumbled in a heap of naked orange and green butts, arms, and legs.

Jake dropped over them and looked around for the ref. The ref leaped back into the ring, counted to three, and Jake was declared the winner! Jake danced around the ring to the cheers of all the guys. They were thoroughly entertained. Mr Scorlione motioned to Jake, and called him over. They all paraded out of the little arena area leaving the humiliated jocks laying naked on the ring. The ref and a couple stage hands helped the men up, and cut the ropes off of them.

Leo and a small crowd of other stragglers hung back watching the two men get free of their ropes and stagger out of the ring. They looked completely humiliated, and couldn't look around at anyone. They hung their heads and retreated to their dressing room. Leo watched their handsome, though dayglo, muscles bulging and flexing as they went. It had been quite a match! Jake was right, he did spank Jase 'The Kid' Johnson, but good! Leo watched until Jase's great butt disappeared through the dressing room doors. Then he went off to join the celebration with Jake.

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