My First Taste of Real Discipline

by Jason Howe <>

I fell in love with Ben when my eyes beheld him in his swimming briefs on the starting blocks at the school swimming carnival. He, like me, was just 14 years of age. He was of Mediterranean descent, a tanned slender and smooth young body of perfect proportions with piercing brown eyes. I could feel my _c_o_c_k_ harden as I gazed at the boy.

I was a tall, gangly boy for my age and to date had made no close friends at school. It was hard being gay in all boys' school and at this stage I had no idea of Ben's _s_e_x_ual preferences. That was not to come for some considerable time, although I believe we both had an idea long before this.

As it turned out we were both loners and we soon became great friends. This lasted throughout our school days as we regularly met and played together. At school we were both constantly in trouble both in the classroom and in the playground. Our schoolwork was one of mediocrity to say the least. Neither of us could bring ourselves to settle down to some serious study.

However, as time passed I noticed a change in Ben. He seemed to become much more obedient and was in far less trouble than he had been when I first met him. His schoolwork had picked up considerably and he seemed a generally far happier boy to the one whom I had first met, when he told me he loathed school. I had not changed but was still my happy go lazy self, always in trouble for anything and everything. But we still remained the closest of friends.

I respected the change in his attitude but whenever I had asked him what brought about this change all he would say was that Ken was helping him. I became envious of him as my best and dearest friend, with whom I had established a close and warm relationship, was now achieving so much more in life. But the gap between us, in terms of what we were achieving at school and our general conduct at school, was growing wider. How was he able to achieve this change? I couldn't and felt left behind by my friend.

Nevertheless, our friendship continued to blossom. Out of school we would always be together. We would go to the beach together. We would go on holidays together with each other's family. I well remember the many times we were together lying on the beach, when my _c_o_c_k_ would pulsate as my _s_e_x_ual desires were aroused. But I could not bring myself to broach the subject, in fear that I might lose this friend. Little did I know at the time that I needn't had worried in the slightest. As it later turned out he, too, had the same desires and fears.

I continued to ask him for more information about how Ken was helping him. He was always vague with his replies and said little more than the fact that a friend of his had recommended he should see Ken to help him with his motivation and that Ken would teach him both obedience and respect. Two years passed before I was to learn for myself just how Ken had helped Ben to make such a big change in his life.

We are now both 16 years old. I cannot remember exactly how the conversation arose but it was the start of a new term at school and somehow Ben had asked me if I really wanted to find out more about this Ken. Naturally, I replied that I did but he would not tell me any details at all. All he would say that he was due to visit Ken again this week and that when he had spoken to Ken, he had been told to bring his friend if he wished.

Anticipation ran high as we headed towards Ken's home. Intrigue, I think is the appropriate word when Ben told me that I should address Ken as either "Master" or "Sir". But nothing could have prepared for me for what eventually occurred that day. It was the day that changed the direction of my life in more than one way but it was a day I shall never regret as long as I live. That day turned out to be one of the most sensual experiences of my life.

Ben rang the front door bell and Ken appeared. He was a man about fifty years of age, well dressed, stern but of a very friendly demeanour.

"Come in boys," he said. "I see you've brought your friend with you this time, Ben."

"Yes, Sir," Ben replied. "May I introduce you to Jason?"

"I'm delighted to meet you, Sir," I acknowledged and then added, "Ben has said you have done so much for him over the years. I have been looking forward to meeting you and hoping that you can help me, too."

"Well, I shall certainly do my best for you." Ken responded. "Ben seems to be a different boy these days, don't you, Ben?"

"Yes, Sir. Thanks to your help," Ben acknowledged.

"What have you told Jason about how I have helped you, Ben?"

"Nothing, Sir. You said to say nothing but to let Jason find out for himself."

"Good boy, Ben. I'm pleased you are still as obedient."

"Well, boy," Ken said turning to Jason, "Do you want me to help you in the same way or not?"

"I think so, Sir," I replied.

"What do you mean you think so? Do you or don't you?" he demanded.

"I would like to know more. How are you going to help me?" I asked.

"You ask too many questions, boy! If you want my help you will say 'yes' and you will follow my directions. If you don't want my help you can say 'no' and leave now. Now which is it?"

"I would like your help please, Sir."

"Fine. You've got it. Ben, take Jason into the study and both of you wait for me there. I shall be there shortly."

By this stage I can't remember if it was curiosity or anxiety or a mixture of both but Ben led me to the study and we waited for Ken to arrive. Ben still refused to tell me anything. He told me to wait and find out for myself. All he would say was that Ken's methods had been extremely helpful to him over the past eighteen months and that he came to Ken at the start of each term for a "refresher" whatever that meant.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ken entered. As he did so, he snapped at both of us.

"Both of you remove all your clothes and strip naked," he commanded.

What is going on here I wondered to myself? I needn't have wondered much longer.

Ben immediately obeyed and I quickly followed. As the pair of us stood there stark naked, I started to get an erection. I looked at Ben. He also now had a stiff _c_o_c_k_.

"Now, Ben," the master commanded. "You may explain to Jason how I have helped you to improve so much."

Turning to me, Ben explained: "Master Ken believes the best way to change a boy's attitude is with a good flogging across the buttocks. The first time I came was the worst. I got the cane, the strap and the whip. But then at the start of each term, you usually get a bit less. Just enough to keep you in line for the rest of the term."

"Now you know, Jason," Master Ken stated.

"Yes, Sir." I replied.

Addressing Ben, the Master instructed him to get the cane from the cupboard. Ben fetched the metre length cane and handed it to his master.

"Ben," he said. "We'll start with you so you can show your friend how to take punishment. Assume the punishment position!"

Ben stepped to the centre of the room, spread his feet apart and bent forward. The master flexed the cane several times whilst the lad stood in anticipation. The sound of the two warm up strokes as the cane swished in the air sent shivers down my spine. The cane was positioned on Ben's buttocks and after a few light movements the first stroke thundered through Ben's body as the cane made contact with him.

"One, Sir," Ben cried, as a red welt instantly appeared on his arse.

Again the cane cut across Ben's young buttocks and the boy screamed as he called, "Two, Sir." The caning continued with a long pause between each stroke.

The master was skilful and left six separate welts across Ben's backside, as Ben counted aloud each of the strokes.

"You may get up now," Master Ken commanded.

The boy did as instructed and thanked his master for the caning.

Turning to me, the master enquired if I knew what I had to do.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

I was determined to be brave and assumed the punishment position, feet apart and bent down low. The cane cracked across my buttocks six times as I counted aloud each stroke. But try as I might I could not hold back the tears and when eventually I was instructed to stand, I had forgotten to thank my master. It was the one and only time I would forget such an acknowledgement.

"I thought you said you knew what to do?" the master asked me.

"I did, Sir," I replied.

"You did not. What have you omitted?"

My mind scrambled in an attempt to remember where I had gone wrong. Eventually, it dawned on me.

"Thank you, Sir for punishing me."

"And about time, but a bit late. Resume the punishment position, Jason."

And another two cuts slammed across my buttocks. This time as I stood I remembered to say thank you.

Master Ken then lay the cane across the desk and left the room. Needless to say there were two very distressed boys left behind.

"Do we get dressed now?" I enquired of Ben.

"No, Jason," he replied. "We'll be told when to get dressed. The caning was just the warm up. There's more to come yet."

Ben was at this stage furiously rubbing his stiff _c_o_c_k_. The boy was _s_e_x_ually aroused and it was only then that I first realised that he, too, was gay. What a relief! I wasn't the only one. I approached him and grabbed his dick. Ben instantly grabbed mine and we masturbated each other. Both of us seemed to ejaculate at about the same time and our _c_o_c_k_ clutching hands were filled with that hot teen cum.

But unexpectedly, Master Ken suddenly returned to the study. Ben and I instantly released our grip and semen spurted over both our bodies.

"What the hell have you two been up to?" the master demanded. "Ben, I've told you before that you're welcome to do that sort of thing in your own time but there is absolutely none of it to occur whilst you are in this house."

"I'm sorry, Sir. We just couldn't help it. We were both just filled with hot excitement."

"Well I'll tell you this young man. You're not half as sorry as you are going to be. What happens to naughty boys young man?"

"Naughty boys are punished, master."

"You're _d_a_m_n_ right they are."

He grabbed Ben by the hair and threw him over to the wall.

"Face the wall," he instructed. "Get your feet apart. Put your hands as high up on the wall as you can."

The master went to the cupboard, took out a wooden paddle and slammed it across the boy's arse with a hard welt-causing blow. Ben screamed. Again the paddle slammed across his buttocks.

"Are you watching, boy?" he said as he turned to me.

"Yes, Sir." I replied.

"Well get over here. Now!"

I was scared stiff and obeyed instantly. The master handed me the paddle.

"You two obviously want to play with each other. Now's your opportunity boy. You continue the punishment."

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't bring myself to have to hurt my own best friend. Yet at the same time I knew that if I didn't obey the command, the master would be furious and I could imagine what would happen next.

"Sorry, Ben," I said quietly.

"It's all right, Jason. You've got no choice. Lay it on."

I slapped the paddle across my best mate's buttocks. As I did so, I could feel myself getting a huge hard-on.

"Harder," commanded Master Ken.

Again I laid the paddle across his buttocks, this time a little harder. The master stopped me. He was furious.

"Don't you know what harder means boy?" he demanded. He grabbed the paddle from me, forced me against the wall and landed an almightly blow across my arse.

"Now do you know what harder means?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

"Well now you may continue with Ben's punishment," he said as he handed the paddle back to me. "And you'd better make sure you do it properly this time."

"How many do I give him?" I asked.

"I'll tell you when to stop," was the answer. "Now go to it."

I could see Ben tense himself as he waited for the harsh blows to start landing across his backside and I administered another eight blows before I was instructed to stop. I am sure it hurt me almost as much as it hurt Ben.

"Change places," Master Ken commanded. "Now it's your turn, Ben, to administer the punishment."

I handed Ben the paddle and stood facing the wall. As the first stroke slammed into me I could feel my _c_o_c_k_ stiffen up even harder and more juice oozed out and ran down my legs. Although he was my best friend, to this day I am sure he enjoyed punishing me as he delivered ten savage blows to my butt."

"That's enough." Ken commanded as he took the paddle from Ben's hand and put it back in the cupboard. Ben and I collapsed exhausted on the floor close to exploding out even more hot cum but racked with pain and crying. The master must have sensed the lust that was whirling around inside us, yet we knew we dared not let it surface in front of him for fear of further punishment. That we saved until later.

"Now clean you yourselves up," Ken instructed. "You've both got _c_o_c_k_ juices all over you. Use your tongues. You can lick each other clean."

As I licked Ben's balls to clean them of their cum I could see his _c_o_c_k_ grow harder and longer. It was all I could do not to grab it in my mouth, yet I dare not as Master Ken was watching closely.

"That's a good boy," he said. "Lick that cum clean."

After we were both clean, Ken left the room and it was some considerable time before he returned. We both discussed how we felt, how we were both so _s_e_x_ually aroused. Yet we dare not exhibit it in case we were again caught out. When eventually Master Ken returned we both stood. I wondered what was next. I was not left to wonder long as Ken had brought with him two lethal looking instruments. One was a thick leather strap about 30 centimetres in length and about four or five centimetres wide. The other was a leather whip, twice as long and split into four separate strands at the end.

Turning to me, Master Ken enquired if this time I was going to observe closely for the instructions for punishment. I assured him I would.

"Right, Ben. On the bed!"

There was a single bed at the end of the study with two pillows. Ben knew what to do. He had obviously been through this before. He lay face down on the bed and placed the two pillows under him to raise his buttocks. In that raised position, the cheeks of his smooth and tanned buttocks remained loose and flexible and were much more subject to pain than if they were flat and taught. I realised now that this was the reason for the pillows. Ben grabbed the top of the bed to hold himself firm. He knew from experience what was coming!

The master picked up the strap and administered a total of 20 strokes, alternating with five on each cheek. Why I am not quite sure, as the length of the strap still made contact across both buttocks. Throughout the punishment, I stood observing as Ben screamed and writhed in agony with each stroke of the strap. Nevertheless, he did not neglect to count aloud as the strapping continued. Again when he was told to get up he thanked his master.

Now it was my turn. I was already in tears and the punishment hadn't even begun. I positioned myself on the bed as Ben had done. Now it was Ben's turn to observe a punishment, but I had to take it. There was no way I could back out. I would lose all face with my good friend.

I grabbed the end of the bed and held on for grim death. I did not have long to wait as the first five strokes cut across the left cheek of my buttocks. No, I did not forget to count them, but you could barely make sense of what I said between my crying. After the tenth stroke, the master asked if I would like a short break in the punishment.

"Yes, please, Sir." I pleaded.

"Remain as you are," I was instructed.

During the short break, the master spoke with Ben and commended him on his great improvement and Ben seemed pleased for the praise.

My punishment resumed and I continued to scream as the strap lashed across my buttocks. At last, the end! After the twentieth stroke, I was commanded to rise and I thanked my master who left the room.

I turned to Ben.

"Is that it?" I asked.

"No," Ben replied. "Do you remember I said that the first time you come you get a bigger punishment? Well, there's still the whipping to come, yet."

"But I don't know how much more my bum can take?" I protested.

Half an hour later, Master Ken returned and took the whip into his hand.

Turning to me, he said: "Ben's not getting the whip today. He's only getting a tune up on this occasion whereas you're on your first punishment. Get back on the bed, boy!" he commanded. "This will be a flogging you won't forget for a while, I can assure you."

As I got back on the bed, the master instructed Ben to tie my hands and feet to the end of the bed so I would not jump all over the place. I guessed this was going to be severe, and it was. Ben tied my hands and feet with what seemed like the cords from pyjama pants and then stepped back.

"Are you ready, boy?" Master Ken enquired of me.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

As occurred previously the punishment was administered in groups of five, alternating across each cheek but the length of the whip again ensured that it would cut across both buttocks each time. As each lash of the whip was administered I screamed loudly as it cut across my tender young buttocks. The whipping started lightly but each stroke had the effect of four separate lashes as the four strands were laid to rest on my backside. The pain was excruciating but I could feel my _c_o_c_k_ springing up in a huge stiffer. The harder he whipped me the stiffer and closer to shooting my hard _c_o_c_k_ got! Again I was given twenty strokes. Again I counted the lashes and again I thanked my master. I did not want to forget and be awarded additional punishment.

"Ben. You may untie the boy."

"Yes, Sir."

The master again left the room and yet again I turned to Ben and asked: "Is that it or is there more?"

"I'm not sure, but we dare not get dressed until told to or that will be an act of disobedience."

And so we waited. This was a long afternoon!

Eventually Master Ken returned by which time we had stopped crying and had partly regained our composure.

Addressing Ben first of all the master enquired if the punishment had acted as a good tune up to ensure another good term at school. Ben acknowledged that it definitely had.

"And what about you, boy? Do you know why you've been punished today?" he asked of me.

"Yes, Sir. To straighten me up as you did with Ben."

"Correct! And do you think it will put you back on track?"

"I reckon so, Sir. Only time will tell."

"Well, that time will be the start of next term when you both come back to see me. If you are still well in line, we'll just give you a tune up but if not you'll get a more substantial beating. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Right boys, then I'll punish you a little more and then you may go."

At that, the master again pulled the cane from the cupboard. Ben assumed the punishment position first and I followed. Another six strokes of the cane were laid across each of us. It seemed even harder than the first caning but this could well be because my buttocks had by now been so heavily flogged.

"Thank you for punishing me again today, master," Ben acknowledged. "I'm sure that will keep me in line all term."

"Thank you also, Sir, I have never been punished as much as that in all my life. I hope it does me as much good as it's done for Ben," I added.

"Time will tell," Master Ken replied. "And are we going to see you back next term for a tune up, Jason?"

"Yes, Sir. Definitely."

"You may get dressed now, boys."

Both of us dressed, forcing our still stiff _c_o_c_k_s into our underpants. We thanked Master Ken again and left.

"Well, what do you think?" Ben asked of me as we left.

"It was great," I replied with obvious enthusiasm.

"Why do you say it was great?"

I hesitated. "It was great for three reasons," I said. Firstly, although it really hurt, I've got to admit I really enjoyed the experience. I think I'm even looking forward to the tune up. Secondly, if it puts me on the right track and keeps me out of trouble as it has with you, it's well worth it but thirdly and even more importantly, by coming with you today, I have discovered that like me, you're also gay, aren't you?"

"Yes," Ben replied.

"But you've never told me."

"And you never told me you were."

"Why didn't you say something, Ben?" I asked.

"Because I was afraid I would lose you."

"That's exactly the reason I hadn't said anything to you."

"Well, now we both know."

We both laughed and went home to Ben's bed!

23 April, 1999


The above story is an account of my first real experience with discipline almost two years ago. Master Ken delivered a savage dose of punishment, yet one I shall never regret. Sure it hurt, but strange as it may seem that was the real pleasure of the experience.

It brought a new and stronger bond between Ben and me and that is one of the things that made it so worthwhile.

Throughout the remainder of our school days we both returned at the start of each term for a tune up and it kept us in line, out of trouble at school and focussed on our schoolwork.

Both of us completed our schooling towards the end of 2000. By that time we had turned eighteen and immediately decided to move in together in a rented flat. It was very much a master and slave relationship. I have always been a submissive type despite my behaviour at school but Ben had a more dominant nature. That was really evidenced to me when he laid into me with the paddle on our first visit to Master Ken. Ben had become my master!

Both of us enjoy the roles of our relationship and act them out accordingly. Whenever I am disobedient or naughty and deserve to be punished, Ben lays into me but it only strengthens our relationship. He has become a real expert with the belt, and with as few as ten strokes there are few places on my back, arse, thighs and legs that aren't covered with angry red welts. Inevitably after a beating we are both aroused to such a high level that the _s_e_x_ we then experience is indescribable. But to this day I cannot bring myself to discipline him. To me, that is the role of the master.

If I have been really naughty, Ben sends me back to Master Ken for another major flogging and because Ben himself still craves to receive a good beating from time to time, he always accompanies me so we can share the experience together.

30 March, 2001

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