Whipped Buttock

by Jason Howe <Jasonhowe250@hotmail.com>

It was almost 9.00 p. m. in the dormitory at St. Basil's Boys' College and the 50 boys lay in their beds, noisily chatting to each other and anxiously awaiting the 9.00 o'clock bell. This was the Year 11 dormitory which was a long room with 25 beds on each side with a passageway in the middle.

At 9.00 o'clock each night, the bell would sound and Br. Augustus would appear from his room at the end of the dormitory. This was the time when the boys were punished for any transgressions that had occurred during the day. It was a dreaded time as, one by one, the boys to be punished were called to the end of the dormitory and publicly flogged across the bare buttocks with a long and thick cane.

If the boys deserved a more severe punishment, then they were lashed with a leather whip. On frequent occasions both were used on the same boy; the whipping following a good beating with the cane.

The bell sounded and there was instant silence in the dormitory. As per the usual routine, all of the boys jumped to attention and stood at the foot of their beds facing the centre aisle. Br. Augustus appeared from his room, cane in hand and mounted the small platform at the end of the dormitory. Panic spread through the boys as they stood there anxiously wondering if they had been reported to brother by any of their teachers throughout the day.

The list of names for punishment tonight was called. "Simpson, Tyler, Robinson, Richards, Griffin, Tersdale," thundered Br. Augustus reading from the clipboard in his hands. "Prepare for punishment."

The six lads instantly stripped and stood naked at attention at the foot of their beds. Forty-four other boys instantly breathed a sigh of relief that they were not on tonight's list. Nevertheless, they still had to endure the anxious moments of observing the nightly punishment ritual. That alone was sufficient to send shivers down their spines.

"The general behaviour today of the boys in this dormitory," began Brother, "has generally been satisfactory. However, as usual, there are those that need a constant reminder of the need for obedience, discipline and hard work and tonight is no exception. It is hoped that the boys to be punished tonight will learn a good lesson and that their behaviour will show a marked improvement from here on in. I also hope that the punishment being given tonight will be a good lesson to the rest of you and that you will keep yourselves out of trouble."

"Simpson," brother continued. "You were caught cheating in your mathematics test today. Dishonesty in a boy is one of the lowest forms of existence. Let your punishment be a lesson to others that I will not tolerate such behaviour. Approach the rostrum!"

The boy walked the length of the entire dormitory and mounted the steps of the rostrum. "Bend over," he ordered. Young Simpson spread his feet apart and bent over as low as he could. Six mighty cuts of the cane thundered across his buttocks.

Punishment completed, the boy thanked brother for correcting him and returned through the row of boys to his bed. Once there, still naked, he stood at attention at the foot of his bed facing the wall. His buttocks, marked with six thick red welts were visible to all. It was a salutary reminder to his peers of what lay in store for them should they cross Brother Augustus.

"Tyler! You have been reported today for failure to complete your English assignment to a satisfactory standard. This way, young man!" Like Simpson, Tyler walked past the row of faces, mounted the platform and was given a half dozen strokes of the cane across his buttocks. As he returned to his bed, the other boys were sympathetic as Tyler could be heard quietly sobbing as he passed. The lad stood facing the wall, all the time continuing to cry.

Brother waited until the lad was right back at his bed before he called to the boy. "Did you forget something, Tyler?"

Tyler quickly realised he had forgotten to thank brother for correcting him and returned to the foot of the rostrum.

"I am sorry, Brother, for my rudeness. I deserved everything you gave me. Thank you for correcting me."

""Next time," said brother. "don't forget your manners. And to remind you of that, we've got a little extra for you on this occasion. Up here and resume the punishment position."

An additional three strokes were then given to the lad. When told to stand, Tyler apologised for his discourtesy in ignoring Brother after his initial thrashing and assured him his manners wouldn't slip again.

""Right," said Brother. "Return to your place."

Brother waited in silence as Tyler retreated to his bed and then called the next boy. "Robinson. You have even failed to even hand in your English assignment. You're in for an additional dose of punishment tonight, my boy. Come here."

Robinson was already in tears. Although a strong young boy, it was only last evening that he had received punishment for another misdemeanour and now he was facing more. In addition, to be in trouble two days in a row automatically meant that punishment would be doubled. Even worse, the additional punishment would be given with a leather whip. As he walked to the end of the dormitory the boys observed that his buttocks were already badly bruised from last night and they felt for him.

"When are you going to learn obedience?" asked Br. Augustus as the boy bent over. "Let's hope this is the last time I see you on the punishment list for some time."

Following the six cuts of the cane, brother told the lad to fetch the whip. As a constant reminder, the whip hung at the entrance to the dormitory, just above the door, visible and ready for use whenever the boys required more serious punishment. The sight and thought of the pain that would be inflicted was enough in itself to generally keep the boys out of serious trouble. It was a leather whip about a metre in length and ten centimetres wide. The end of the whip was split into six thin strips, so that when administered, each stroke had the effect of six separate lashes. When the boys were treated to such punishment, the pain was excruciating.

Robinson collected the whip from the entrance at the other end of the dormitory and returned to the rostrum past the long lines of boys, the welts of the cane across his buttocks a lesson to all. He mounted the platform and handed the whip to Br. Augustus. The boy was this time instructed to bend over the desk.

"Get your legs apart and spread those buttocks," Brother ordered. He drew the whip back high over his shoulders in readiness for the first stroke. The entire dormitory full of boys flinched as they heard the thwack as the six supple thongs of leather flay across the boy's naked bottom. As the whip continued to lash across Robinson's bottom, the boy cried out in pain.

At the conclusion of the punishment the boy slowly rose to an erect position, his buttocks visibly raw in various shades of red, blue and black as a result of both the six cuts of the cane and the further six lashes with the whip.

""Thank you, Brother, for correcting me," he said. "That was a good whipping. I thoroughly deserved it." He wasn't going to run the risk of even more punishment, like young Tyler before him, fully realising that any failure of acknowledgment at this stage could result in an additional whipping.

Brother handed the boy the whip and instructed him to return it to its place above the door. The boy then returned to the foot of his bed, stood at attention and faced the wall.

""Richards and Griffin," called Br. Augustus. "You have been reported for speaking in your history class today whilst your teacher's back was turned. Apart from disobedience, it is downright rude. I have already shown the lot of you tonight how I regard rudeness. Right, Tyler?"

"Yes, Brother," Tyler replied in a clear and distinct voice.

"This way, gentlemen!"

The two lads foolishly strode defiantly to the end of the dormitory. Brother could see the cheeky looks on their faces and commanded them to halt half way to the rostrum.

"So, you think a caning is something to smirk about and not treat seriously. We'll soon see about that. Griffin, fetch the whip. Richards, step up here."

Griffin's smirk of defiance quickly disappeared from his face as he collected the whip from its resting place. Richards, meanwhile mounted the rostrum and bent over low for the caning, believing that he was to come out of this situation better than his friend.

By this time, Griffin was standing, whip in hand, at the foot of the rostrum whilst he observed his friend being lashed with the cane. As Richards stood up after the sixth stroke, Griffin handed the whip to Brother Augustus and started to mount the three stairs.

""Remain where you were, Griffin," he ordered.

It was not just Griffin to be whipped. Brother took the whip from Griffin and immediately commanded Richards to get over the desk in the correct punishment position. He then laid the whip solidly across the boy's buttocks. Young Richards was in agony as the six strokes of the whip lashed across his backside.

Following Richards''punishment, Brother told the boy to rise and remain at the foot of the rostrum whilst Griffin received his punishment.

Again, the cane was wielded with mighty force, six hard strokes followed by a further six with the whip.

"Now, do you still want to be smart about the situation?" asked Brother.

"No, Brother," Griffin replied with tears rolling down his face.

"Well, what do you both have to say?"

"I'm sorry, Brother," said Richards. "Thank you for correcting me."

"Sorry, Brother," repeated Griffin. "It won't happen again."

"I hope not," Brother Augustus replied, handing the whip back to Griffin. "Now return the whip and go back to your places."

"Tersdale!" Brother called to the other end of the dormitory.

"Yes, Brother."

"You were caught smoking at morning break. What are the rules about smoking?"

"Smoking is strictly forbidden, Brother," the lad replied.

"And if the rule is disobeyed?"

"Any boy caught smoking gets eight strokes, Brother."

"Correct, Tersdale. Approach the rostrum."

Tersdale walked through the lines of boys, mounted the rostrum and bent over for his punishment. He realised Brother was getting tired by now when the fourth and fifth stroke were nowhere near as strong as the remainder, and he knew what would happen if he didn't ask for those two strokes to be repeated should brother realise that they were too light. The entire punishment would be repeated with the dreaded whip.

After the eighth stroke, before brother could make any comment, Tersdale spoke.

"Brother," he said, "I need more punishment. Two of the strokes were very light. I need them to be given again to complete the punishment I have deserved."

Brother followed with two extremely heavy strokes. There was no doubt these were more than satisfactory.

"Thank you, Brother."

The boy returned to his place at the foot of his bed and faced the wall as were the other boys who had been punished. The welts on the six boys' buttocks were clearly visible and served as a very effective warning to the other boys.

Brother addressed the boys. "You are well aware," he said, "that any misbehaviour at all will be seriously punished. These boys who have been punished tonight are to be a warning to you all. One would think that 16 and 17 year old boys do not need constant reminders all the time of the consequences of their actions. Yet some of you will just not learn. Indeed, some of you are so smug with yourselves that you think you can just get away with it."

Out of the corner of his eye Brother Augustus noticed a lad, who did not even think for a moment that he was being observed.

"Johnston. You spoke! How dare you speak when I am addressing the dormitory. Strip. Collect the whip and get yourself up here."

Johnston feared the worst as he stripped naked, collected the dreaded whip and approached the platform. He handed the instrument of punishment to Br. Augustus.

"Obviously," said Brother to the whole dormitory, "some of you are still not certain when I mean business. Well, let's get the message sunk in well and truly! Johnston, bend over the desk.

The boy bent down low over the desk and was reminded to spread his legs apart so that as much as possible of his buttocks were exposed for punishment. He did as commanded and grasped the other side of the desk to hold himself steady.

Brother commanded the two boys nearest the rostrum to come up and hold the boy down. It was obvious the lad was really going to cop the worst to be made a real example.

"Johnston. Count each stroke aloud so they can hear you at the back of the dormitory. And you two holding him, if he dares move, you will take his place."

The two lads, fearful for their own well being, held the boy down firmly.

Brother drew the whip back high over his shoulders and lashed at Johnston's buttocks. The whole dormitory could hear the thwack as the six supple thongs of well oiled leather were laid to rest across the boy's naked bottom. As it flayed across his buttocks the boy called out loudly, "One, Brother."

And so the savage whipping continued . . . . "two, Brother . . . three, Brother . . . . . . . nine, Brother," and the boy flinched heavily. "I told you two to hold him down. Obviously, you are not doing the job I ordered. Both of you strip and take his place over the desk. Johnston, stand up!"

The two lads removed their pyjamas and stood there in readiness. One by one, as instructed, they assumed the punishment position. Immediately followed four of the hardest lashes with the whip that one could possibly imagine. "Now,"said Brother, "do you two want some more or have you had enough?"

"Right, now do as you are told and hold the boy down firmly while he takes the rest of his beating or you'll get some more and if it happens again you'll get twice as much!"

"Johnston. Resume the punishment position and we'll continue. What was the last count?"

"Nine, Brother," replied Johnston.

"You're seventeen, aren't you, son?" Brother enquired.

"Yes, Brother," answered Johnston.

"Then you'll get seventeen strokes; so there are another eight strokes coming. Resume counting."

The whipping continued, Johnston counting each stroke loud enough to be heard at the end of the dormitory. He knew that if it was not loud enough, the stroke would be repeated.

"Ten, Brother . . . eleven, Brother . . . twelve, Brother." The punishment continued. "Sixteen, Brother . . . seventeen, Brother."

He waited anxiously for Brother's advice that the punishment was complete, for he knew from past experience that it was not unusual for additional strokes to be given at this stage, if Brother Augustus either considered that some of the punishment was too light or if he considered that the boys hadn't yet learned their lesson and would benefit from a further flogging. Similarly, the two lads holding him down, who had already been thrashed, dare not release the boy before being told.

"Get up." Brother instructed. The two boys released Johnston and stood at attention awaiting Brother's next instruction.

Johnston slowly rose to an erect position, his buttocks visibly raw in various shades of red, blue and black as a result of his punishment.

"Thank you, Brother, for correcting me," he said. "That was a good whipping. I thoroughly deserved it. I am really sorry for speaking out of turn."

"I'll bet you are,"said Brother Augustus and I'll also bet these two boys that had the task of holding you down are sorry. If it weren't for you they wouldn't have been whipped either. What have you got to say to them?"

"I'm sorry Henson, sorry Walker."

The three boys were told to leave the stage, Johnston handed the whip to return it to its resting place. The boys returned to the foot of their beds and faced the wall, along with the other six boys who had been punished tonight.

Free time was available for the boys for the next thirty minutes or so until lights out, except for the nine boys who had been punished. They were to remain at the foot of their beds, stripped, their whipped, raw and bruised buttocks facing the centre aisle, as a reminder to the other residents of Br. Augustus' dormitory of the "rewards" in store for disobedient youth.

Meanwhile, Brother Augustus remained on duty patrolling the dormitory. As he approached young Gerald Shaw, he paused and spoke to him.

"Shaw. I am concerned about your schoolwork. It seems to be slipping. Are you having problems with it?" "No, Brother," the boy replied.

"Well, what's the reason for it?"

"I've had other things on my mind, Brother, and I've been getting a bit slack."

"Well, at least you're honest about it, aren't you? How long since you've had a good beating, Shaw?"

"Last year, Brother."

""Well, I think it might be a good idea if we gave you a solid dose of the cane, young man, to keep you on your toes. What do you think?"

"Yes, Brother, but I think a good whipping would do me more good, Brother. I would remember it longer. I think it would also be a good example to the other boys not to get slack."

'"All right, strip off, fetch the whip and wait by your bed until you are called," Brother instructed.

"Yes, Brother. Thank you, Brother."

Brother Augustus immediately rang the punishment bell and the boys of the dormitory stood at attention at the foot of their beds.

"There is to be another punishment tonight," Brother announced. "Shaw has been slack with his studies. His work has slipped, not due to any difficulties, but due to sheer laziness. As a result, the boy is to be flogged severely and you are all to learn a good lesson from it. Laziness will not be tolerated under any circumstances and if such laziness exists, it is my intention to get to the bottom of the problem and that is appropriate wording, as that is exactly what we are going to do now."

Shaw had stripped naked, collected the whip and was now standing by his bed, whip in hand, ready to be summoned.

""Shaw," called Brother Augustus. Approach for punishment. Shaw took himself and the whip to the rostrum. He mounted the steps. Brother instructed the boy to face the assembled dormitory and to address the boys.

"I have been lazy with my studies," he told them and Brother is to be whip me severely as a hard lesson to teach me the error of my ways. I deserve this whipping and I hope I learn a valuable lesson from it. I also hope it serves as a warning to all of you."

Brother instructed the boy to take the punishment position. The lad spread himself across the table. "I am ready, Brother," he said. "Lay it on as hard as you can please, so I learn a good lesson that will last." Brother solidly lashed the whip across the lad's bottom six times."

"Thank you, Brother," the boy said when the punishment was completed. "I could feel it doing me good. It should keep me in top form for a while."

"You let me know first if you start getting slack again, Shaw and I'll give you another whipping. But if I notice first and I am going to keep an eye out, you'll be caned before the whipping. Do you understand, my boy?"

"Yes, Brother. Thank you Brother."

"Now put the whip back where it belongs,' the boy was commanded.

Sobbing uncontrollably, the lad returned the whip to the dormitory entrance, and then went back to the end of his bed where he stood at attention facing the wall where he remained for another fifteen minutes.

Brother then ordered the boys who had been punished to put their pyjamas back on. The entire dormitory was told it was time for bed and the boys obeyed instantly. He turned out the lights and the 50 boys settled down for the night, wondering who would be on the punishment list tomorrow night.

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