Stripped for a Whipping

by Jason Howe <>

A severe dose of corporal punishment was an essential part of bringing up teenage boys, according to the boys' father, who regularly instructed his sons to strip and face up to a solid whipping across their bare bottoms as a means of ensuring strict compliance with his rules of discipline.

After dinner one evening, having just read Nathan's most recent school report, the boy was at first only verbally reprimanded, but to add to the lad's concerns, his father uttered those dreaded words.

"It's high time you had another whipping, Nathan. Go and bring me the strap and prepare for punishment."

"Yes, Sir," the boy replied and left the table. Nathan, the 17 year old, was already in tears as he collected the strap from his father's top cupboard.

He returned shortly, now stripped to his underpants, and handed his father the ten centimetre wide leather strap.

"And while we're at it, it's about time you two also had a dose," he said to his two youngest sons, Ben, 15 and Mark, the youngest, who was just 13, but a very solid young man. "Get yourselves ready now, please boys."

The two young lads also stripped to their underpants and stood awaiting the next instruction.

Addressing his eldest son, Nathan, he commented, "This report is disgusting. There are four D's here, including one for conduct and another for application to study. Why?"

"I don't know, Sir," the boy replied. "There's no real reason, I suppose."

"Well, young man. I'll give you a reason why it shouldn't occur. Hand me the strap and get yourself over the table."

Nathan removed his underpants and leant over the table. He grabbed the other side to steady himself for the thrashing. He knew from experience that it would be a strong punishment.

Twelve strokes later Mark was told to take his brother's place.

He dropped his underpants and approached the table. The lad was given a dozen good strokes, each one of which left a thick red welt across his buttocks.

When the whipping was completed, he was told to stand. It was at this point that the boys' father had noticed that Nathan, whilst standing at attention, had put his underpants back on.

"Did I tell you to get dressed?" he thundered at his son.

"No, Sir, but I thought my punishment was over," replied Nathan.

"Your punishment is nowhere near over until I tell you it is over. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Now get them off again and get back over the table, young man."

"Yes, Sir."

Nathan again leant over the table and was given another four lashes. This time when instructed to stand, he remained totally stripped as did his brother, Mark.

It was now young Ben's turn and the lad, already with his underpants removed, addressed his father.

"Sir, I also got a D for application to study, but my report hasn't been sent home yet."

"Then, you'll get the same twelve that Mark got, plus an extra dozen. Understand, Son?"

"Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir."

The boy leant over the table whilst his bothers witnessed Ben as he received two dozen strokes. Apart from the beatings, the boys' father considered that the witnessing of punishment was also an important part of the process of discipline.

Ben lasted fourteen strokes before he screamed loudly. His screams only added fury to his father who told the lad that if he were going to scream, then he would make the punishment worth screaming about.

And the last ten lashes were delivered with even stronger intensity.

When told to get up, the three boys stood in a line, facing their father.

He was even more distressed when his father pointed out that the main cause of the boys' punishments was indeed Nathan and that he, as the eldest, should always receive more punishment than his brothers.

"Fetch the cane, Son," he instructed the lad.

"How many cuts am I going to get, Dad?" he asked.

"You'll get what I think you deserve, young man. Now go and bring me the cane without another word."

"You two can remain stripped," he said as he addressed Ben and Mark. "A good taste of the cane won't do you two any harm either."

When Nathan returned, he was instructed to again bend over the table and his father laid fifteen solid cuts of the cane across his buttocks.

Mark and Ben were given just four hard cuts each.

Dad personally returned the strap and cane to his room, the three boys remaining at attention. None of them dared to even put their underpants back on without their father's advice, for fear of an additional punishment.

Eventually their father returned and told to put their underpants back on.

He then verbally reprimanded both Nathan and Ben for their unsatisfactory reports and as Mark had made no comment about his report, he warned the boy that when his report arrived, his punishment would be doubled if anything showed up that hadn't been previously advised.

In addition, his brothers would share in the additional punishment session as the three of them had on this occasion.

Mark was not worried, however, as he knew his report was sound.

The admonishments completed, the boys were dismissed. None of them was able to sit in comfort for the next few days, but their behaviour was exemplary.

The three boys and their father all knew that a solid whipping helped bring up obedient and well disciplined young men!

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