A _d_a_m_n_ Good Flogging

by Jason Howe <Jasonhowe250@hotmail.com>

"Dad, I've got an exam coming up tomorrow and I just can't settle down to study for it. Goodness knows, I've tried, but my mind keeps wandering. Can you help me, please?"

"I will if I can," replied his father. "But how can I help? I can't study for you."

"What I'd really like you to do for me is to give me a _d_a_m_n_ good flogging so I can get down to some study."

"Excuse me?"

"I know it probably sounds a strange request, but whenever I get a really solid punishment it does me the world of good. It would stop my mind wandering all over the place and I'd be able to settle down to some decent study. It's really important that I do well in this test tomorrow."

"No, Jack. Punishment is meant to correct you when you do the wrong thing, like you did last week. It's not meant as something to help you to study."

"I know that, Dad, and I hate getting whipped but I expect it when I deserve it and I deserved it last week. There's no doubt about that."

"But you haven't done anything wrong now, have you? On the contrary, over the past week you've been very obedient and well behaved."

"Yes, I know, but I really believe it would help. A good whipping always does me a lot of good. Please, Dad."

"No, Jack," his father replied. "I've told you many times that I strongly dislike punishing any of you boys even when you have done the wrong thing. And now you ask me to punish you when you haven't been disobedient. No way! Now go back to your room and do your best with the study. O. K. Jack?"

"All right. I'll try," the boy replied and he returned to his room.

He tried really hard to settle down to his study but it was fruitless. The more he tried, the more his mind wandered and the more concerned he became about his exam the next morning.

Jack felt he should make yet another attempt with his father as he well knew that a good thrashing would really make the world of difference to his study attempts. He returned to the lounge room where his father was still comfortably relaxing.

"Well, what is it now?" his father asked.

"It's not working, Dad. I still can't settle down. Please would you reconsider? It's very important to me.

"No, Jack. I've already told you no. Don't you understand what 'no' means?"

"But Dad, I really do need a good hiding. Please, Dad?"

"What makes you think it'll do you any good, Son? It would probably just upset you even further. You know I dislike punishing you, just as much as you dislike it."

"Because any time in the past when I've been punished, it's always settled me down and I do better as a result. I really do need it and I would be grateful, Dad. There's no way I would ask you for a belting if I didn't believe it would help."

"Oh. All right, then. How much do you think you'll need, Jack?"

"It'll have to be a really solid punishment, Dad. You, yourself, have always said that for punishment to be really effective, it has to be strong. Otherwise it's a waste of time."

"You still haven't answered my question! You be the judge, boy. Exactly what do you need?"

"At least a dozen strokes, Dad."

"A dozen? As many as that?"

"Yes, Sir. A dozen strokes of the whip and probably another dozen cuts of the cane. And I'd like you to lay it on really hard so it does me some good."

"Are you sure that's what you want, Jack?"

"I think so, Dad. If I don't need that much, I could tell you to stop. But I do really need settling down and I know that a good thrashing is the best way to do it. It's always worked before."

"All right. If that's what you want. You'd better get the whip and the cane and get yourself to the study. You know what to do, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir. Thank you for your help, Dad. I do appreciate it."

Jack collected both the cane and the whip from the hall cupboard and headed for the study. He slowly opened the door, entered the study, closed the door behind him and placed both the cane and the whip on the side table.

He then stripped to his briefs in readiness for what he hoped would be an effective punishment that would enable him to get on with his studies in a more efficient manner. When the time came for punishment the boy would strip completely and bend low over his father's desk.

But before he called his father, the whip needed to be properly prepared for punishment. The receiving end of the whip was comprised of seven thin strands of leather at least forty centimetres long. It caused much anguish, to say the least, when lashed across the bare buttocks and taught the boys a valuable lesson.

Jack knew from experience to moisten the ends of the whip with vaseline so the flogging would be received with much greater intensity when lashed across his bare bottom, so he commenced the task.

He prepared the whip thoroughly, carefully lubricating the end thongs, as he knew he was expected to do.

A well oiled strap, his father had constantly told them, made certain that its benefits would well and truly be appreciated by the boys in helping them to correct them. Jack was again about to experience that first hand.

He also knew that a freshly moistened whip was a great deal more painful than seven dry strips of leather when they made contact with the skin. Nevertheless, he had requested this punishment and he was determined that it was going to do him some good.

All was now in readiness for his flogging.

"I'm ready now, Dad," he called and then stood at attention awaiting his father's arrival.

"Are you quite sure you want this punishment?" his father enquired as he entered.

"Yes, Dad. Because I know that it will settle me down."

"All right. What do you want first, Jack?"

"I think I should start with six cuts of the cane, please Dad.

"If that's what you want. Take the punishment position, please, Jack."

Jack did as instructed.

He removed his briefs, approached the centre of the room, bent over and touched his toes. His father positioned the cane and after two or three light movements on the lad's bare buttocks, the thrashing was begun with the most possible severity.

Jack heard the swish of the cane as it flew through the air and then felt the crack as it landed across his buttocks. A sensation of pain shot through his entire body. But he was determined to take his punishment like a man.

Despite the fact that the sixteen-year-old lad was a strapping young man with a strong and well developed physique, he only lasted three strokes before he lost his footing with the force of the caning and went sprawling forwards.

"Sorry, Dad," he said.

He reassured the punishment position and the caning continued. As each of the remaining three strokes struck him across his bare buttocks, Jack recognised quite clearly that this punishment, despite its unpleasantness, would no doubt settle him down.

After the sixth stroke was administered the boy stood smartly at attention.

"Thank you, Dad," the boy acknowledged. "I really needed that to get me back on track."

"Do you or do you not still want the whip?" his father asked.

Jack was hurting badly as he rubbed his backside and then looked anxiously at the whip on the table.

The boy reached for the whip and handed it to his father.

"Yes please, Dad. I can take it. I need it. I've just got to settle down to this study," he replied as he approached the desk in the center of the room. "Lay it on hard please, Dad. It's the only way it'll do me good."

The boy spread his legs apart so that as much as possible of his buttocks were exposed to take the full force of the punishment. He then spreadeagled himself across the desk, grasping the other side to hold himself steady for he knew this was really going to hurt as the whip lashed his naked buttocks.

His father could see that the whip had been well primed and he positioned it gently across his son's buttocks where he flexed it several times.

Jack held his breath! The whip suddenly flew high into the air and crashed across his bare buttocks. As the seven long thin strands of leather were flayed across the boy's buttocks, Jack screamed and jumped high into the air. His father paused for a few seconds.

The boy again spread himself over the desk and another stroke of the whip lashed across his buttocks.

"Are you sure you want this?" he asked.

"I don't want it, but I need it," the boy replied.

And so the flogging continued. Jack took the full twelve strokes, but was visibly distressed, to say the least. It was certainly no light whipping. His dad was a strict disciplinarian who firmly believed that if it were necessary to use the whip, then a solid thrashing was of far more lasting benefit than a mild punishment.

Although Jack himself had requested the beating on this occasion each stroke was still given with its usual intensity and the boy writhed in agony with every lash.

"Now get up and get dressed," instructed his father.

Jack stood as instructed but did not reach for his trousers. He was crying uncontrollably but pleaded with his father.

"Dad, I really need you to finish with the rest of the caning. I know the flogging is doing me good. I can feel it. I'd rather take the full punishment just to be sure."

"Would you like a break for a few minutes, Son?"

"No thank you, Dad. I'd rather get it over with now."

Jack handed his father the cane and again bent over and touched his toes.

His father positioned the cane on the lad's bare buttocks and the remaining six strokes were then administered with the utmost possible severity. The lad cried with each stroke as his backside was now so tender.

However, this did not prevent him from genuinely thanking his father as he stood and put his briefs back on.

"I'm sure that's what I really needed to settle me down, Dad, and I do appreciate your help."

"Well, I certainly hope it's helped you." his Dad commented. "I'm concerned that now you're so upset that it'll be impossible for you to study for tomorrow's test."

"I can assure you it won't be a problem, Dad."

"I hope you're right," his father replied.

"No boy is ever too old for a good belting, Dad and although it really hurts when you get the whip or the cane or even both across your bare backside, it's the best way to settle me down because the message really gets through to me. It's not pleasant but you do remember a _d_a_m_n_ good flogging longer than any other form of punishment. It certainly does you more good," Jack added.

"Well, only time will tell if it's been helpful to you on this occasion. I hope you don't make us both regret it. Now before you get back to your study, you can put the desk back where it belongs and straighten up the room. Also, take the cane and the whip back to the cupboard where they belong."

Jack did as instructed and then finished dressing. He went back to his study in preparation for tomorrow's exam.

He was unable to sit comfortably and much of his study session was spent on his feet. But he found it much easier to settle down now and his study session now proved to be very beneficial indeed.

Indeed, when the exam was completed on the following day and the results were announced, Jack was extremely proud of himself. He couldn't wait until his father came home to tell him the good news.

"I owe it all to you, Dad, he told his father at dinner that night. "Thank you for your help."

"No, Son," his father replied. "You've obviously prepared well for the test and you are to be congratulated on the fine result you obtained.

"Thanks, Dad," Jack replied, but I certainly had a problem settling down last night to some last minute study in order to be able to concentrate."

"Well, it appears we both got to the bottom of the problem, wouldn't you say, Jack?" his father asked.

Jack laughed!

"That's one way of putting it," he replied.

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