My Brother's Punishment

by Jason Howe <>

Fifteen year old Adrian Symons and his elder brother, Travis, seventeen, had been caught behind the shed on their neighbour's property. What made the matter worse was that they were supposed to be working in the back paddock of their own property, but Adrian had sneaked off to enjoy a cigarette.

The boys were both well aware that their father would not tolerate smoking and Travis, suspecting that something may be amiss, had gone in search of his brother. He had only just arrived in the shed when they were both caught by Joe Jackson, the owner of the adjoining property.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" he demanded of them. "I've told you to keep out of here, you delinquents!" he roared at them. He grabbed the pair of them by the scruff of the neck and marched them back to their own place.

"What's your father likely to say about this?" he enquired of the two boys. "I can tell you if it were my boys, they'd be in for a _d_a_m_n_ good strapping, I can promise you."

"We'll probably both get a lot worse than that." Travis assured him.

Their father was none too pleased to see his two sons being frogmarched into the front yard and wondered just what was going on.

"I've just caught these two boys of yours smoking in my shed," Joe advised, "and I'm not too happy about it. There's a good deal of flammable material stored in the shed."

"Well, I'm not too pleased about it either, Joe. Both of them were supposed to be out checking the fences."

"They certainly weren't checking any fences when I caught them. Personally, I think the pair of them need a good dose of punishment. I told them both that if they were my sons, they'd get a _d_a_m_n_ good taste of the strap. Then they'd soon learn to be obedient."

"I couldn't agree with you more, Joe. It's also the best way I know to teach the importance of obedience to boys. In fact I'm quite sure these two know what to expect from this episode, wouldn't that be right, boys?"

"Yes, Dad," they both replied.

"Feel free to tell Mr Jackson what's likely to happen now to the pair of you. Speak up Travis."

"We'll probably get thrashed on the bare bum."

"Probably?" asked their father.

"Definitely," replied Travis.

"Well," said Joe addressing the boys' father, "would you like me to lend you a good leather strap. I'm quite happy to let you have it."

"I think we're already well catered for in that direction, aren't we boys?"

"Yes, Dad," they both replied.

"Now, what do you have to say to Mr Jackson?"

"Sorry, Mr Jackson," Adrian said.

"Me, too Mr Jackson. It won't happen again," Travis added.

"Just leave them to me, Joe. I can assure you that we shall soon straighten this matter out."

Joe Jackson departed, leaving Adrian and Travis to face their father and the music!

"Wait for me in the study!" the boys were commanded, "and get yourselves ready for punishment."

Without a word between them, the boys instantly headed for the study. They dare not hesitate for fear they would get an even worse punishment.

The two boys knew what was to occur. They were to be flogged! Their father was a very strict disciplinarian and had no hesitation in meting out liberal doses of the cane or the whip, or both, across their bare buttocks at even the slightest provocation to ensure very strict obedience.

Even the mere thought of such punishment was enough for the boys. A caning was bad enough but the pain of the whip was excruciating. The ends of the whip were split into seven thin strips and as each stroke was administered, it had the effect of seven separate lashes.

Adrian stripped to his briefs, removing his shoes, shirt and shorts in preparation for his punishment. Travis did likewise, stripping down to his boxer shorts.

They anxiously awaited their father's arrival. When instructed, each boy would strip completely so that his buttocks would be bare. He would then immediately assume the appropriate position for punishment.

For a caning he would bend over and touch his toes but if a whipping were due he would approach the desk and spread his feet wide so that his buttocks were fully exposed to take the full force of the punishment. Then he would spread himself over the desk for the flogging as the whip lashed his bare buttocks.

Whenever punishment was to be given, the boys knew it would not be light. Their father believed that if it were necessary to punish the boys, then a solid thrashing was of far more lasting benefit than a mild punishment. They knew that this escapade of theirs would be no exception to the rule.

They also both recognised the fact that they had not followed instructions and that they well deserved what lay in store for them. Nevertheless, this failed to console them.

After what seemed like an eternity, their father arrived. He promptly went to the cupboard where he took out both the whip and the cane and placed them on the desk.

Both of the boys realised they were really in for it now.

"Just so we understand each other," he said, "let's go over the situation. First, you disobeyed the instruction to check the fences. You were not given time off."

"Secondly, you entered Mr Jackson's property without permission. Thirdly, you were smoking and you both know how I feel about you smoking. Right?"

"Yes, Dad," they replied.

"And lastly, you have managed to embarrass me in front of Mr Jackson."

"Mr Jackson obviously feels that I have failed to teach my sons to be obedient. I don't approve of that! Now do you have anything to say for yourselves because I think all that adds up to at least twenty strokes for each of you ten of the cane and ten more with the whip. All right?"

Young Adrian was the first to open his mouth.

"Dad. It's all my fault. Travis and I were checking the fences and I just wanted a break. When Travis was out of sight, I sneaked off without saying anything to him. He didn't know what I was doing. He thought that I was still working. I know I'm not supposed to go on to Mr Jackson's property but I went there because I thought no one would find me."

"I see," replied his father.

"It's true, Dad. I'm not lying."

So you led Travis astray this time? It's usually the other way around. Travis is the one that normally gets you into trouble, Adrian."

"But he didn't know I was doing anything wrong, Dad." Adrian replied. "I'm the one that deserves to be punished, not Travis. He wasn't doing anything wrong."

"He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, weren't you, Travis?"

"Yes, Dad," Travis replied.

"Well, why? You know exactly what the punishment for disobedience is, don't you, boy?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Well, didn't you think about that before you decided to join Adrian?" he asked.

"When I realised Adrian was missing, I went looking for him to see if he was all right, Dad."

"And decided to join him in a smoke. Yes?"

"No, he didn't," Adrian interrupted. "He'd only just arrived when Mr Jackson caught us."

"And if you hadn't been caught immediately, you too would have been smoking, now wouldn't you, Travis?"

"Probably yes."

"Probably yes? More likely definitely yes. No you can take a good flogging, too boy. It'll do you good and you know it."

"Yes, Sir."

"Please, Dad. Punish me but not Travis," pleaded Adrian. "If he hadn't come looking for me, he wouldn't be in trouble now. I would like you to give me Travis's punishment as well, please Dad."

The boys' father reached for the cane.

"I don't think so," he said.

"Please, Dad," pleaded Adrian again. "It's not his fault."

"I think twenty strokes is more than enough for you. I can't see you taking Travis's twenty as well, can you? Travis, I think you can go first, young man."

Travis instantly removed his boxer shorts and approached the centre of the room. In his seventeen years he had taken many beatings, but he never really got used to the intense pain. Already the tears were welling in his eyes.

"But, Dad," Adrian piped in. You've always told us that we only get punished when we deserve it and Travis doesn't deserve it this time. I do! It's all my fault."

"Be quiet, Adrian!"

By this stage, Travis had already half assumed the punishment position. He had bent over and was awaiting his ten cuts of the cane.

"Right down, boy. Touch your toes."

Travis bent over further and touched his toes. His father positioned the cane and flexed it lightly across the boy's buttocks a couple of times. He then paused.

"You're right, Adrian. I have always taught you that to be fair punishment is only awarded when you deserve it. However well intentioned, Travis still did the wrong thing by leaving his work and going on to Mr Jackson's property. Nevertheless, I'll grant your request, son. You may take both punishments."

"Thank you, Dad."

"Get up, Travis. Put your shorts back on. Your brother's got a big punishment coming up and you can help him by holding him down for his whipping. Adrian off with your briefs and take your brother's place."

Adrian dropped his briefs and took up his position for punishment.

"Adrian," his father said. "You may have your punishment first. There will be ten cuts of the cane and ten hard lashes of the whip. If you want to change your mind then about taking the punishment for Travis, you may do so. I suspect you might change your mind."

"If I do change my mind, does that mean Travis is let off?"

"No. It means Travis will take his punishment as I originally said. I presume that you understand that, don't you Travis?"

"Yes, Dad."

Travis was so pleased about his apparent reprieve and was hoping like mad that Adrian wouldn't change his mind. However, he knew that a total of forty strokes was a mammoth punishment and was doubtful if Adrian could take it all.

"Travis. You may count the punishment for Adrian."

"Yes, Sir."

The boys' father flexed the cane whilst the lad waited in anticipation. The sound of the two warm up strokes as the cane swished in the air sent shivers down Adrian's spine. Psychologically, the sound of the cane was almost as strong a punishment as the actual cuts. The cane was then positioned across the boy's bare buttocks and after two or three light movements the thrashing was begun with the most possible severity.

Travis stood there and counted the strokes aloud as he witnessed his younger brother being thrashed: "One . . . Two . . . Three . . . Four . . . Five . . . Six . . . Seven . . . Eight . . . Nine . . . Ten."

After Travis had called the tenth stroke, Adrian stood and vigorously rubbed his backside in an attempt to relieve the pain. He was crying uncontrollably, but he had not flinched once during his punishment. He was determined to take it like a man as he well knew that he deserved it.

"Right, boy. Get yourself over the desk, Adrian. Hand me the whip, please Travis," commanded his father.

This was the punishment both boys really dreaded. A caning was bad enough but they knew from experience that it was nothing compared to seven strips of leather being flayed across their backsides.

Travis handed his father the whip as Adrian approached the desk. He spread his feet apart so his buttocks were exposed for the full force of the punishment and bent down low over the desk, grasping the other side to hold himself steady.

"Travis, you may hold your brother down firmly. Once again you may count out the punishment for Adrian."

Travis pressed down firmly on his brother's shoulders.

"Are you ready, Adrian?" his father asked.

"Ready, Dad," Adrian replied.

He waited for what seemed line an eternity whilst his father repeatedly flexed the whip and then gently positioned the split ends across his son's bottom, ready to take aim and to commence the beating.

He drew the whip back high over his shoulders in readiness for the first stroke. The whip flew through the air culminating in a loud thwack as the seven supple thongs of leather were laid to rest across his son's naked bottom. As it flayed across Adrian's buttocks, his brother called, "One."

Adrian really felt this whipping as his buttocks were already red raw and tender from the caning he had just received. Travis could clearly see the tears as they were streaming down his brother's face.

"Two . . . Three . . . Four . . . Five . . . Six . . . Seven . . . Eight." Travis continued.

The punishment paused.

"You're doing well, Adrian," his father said. "Now hold still. Only two more to go."

As the last two strokes lashed across his bottom, Adrian cried out loudly in pain. Travis released his grip on his brother and the boy stood, tears running down his cheeks. His buttocks were visibly raw from the beating.

"Do you still want to take Travis's punishment as well?" his father enquired.

"Yes please, Dad," Adrian replied. "But can I have a break for a few minutes, please Dad?"

"Fair enough. You may have ten minutes and then I'll be back. At that time, you are either to be ready for punishment or to tell me that you're not prepared for any more, in which case Travis can take it. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Right, put your briefs back on, Adrian."

Adrian did as instructed but the tight briefs were just far too uncomfortable against his bruised buttocks. Instead Travis handed him his shorts.

"That's better," he said.

Their father left the boys to think about their wrongdoings.

"That's the worst flogging I've had in a long time," Adrian said to his brother. "Dad's really laying it on hard. And Mr Jackson thought we'd probably get out of it lightly. Little does he know."

Travis really felt for his brother. Although he did not want a flogging himself he thanked his brother for facing up to the fact that it was he who was the cause of the trouble and he asked Adrian if he were able to take the rest of the punishment. If not, he would willingly do so.

"Thanks, Travis. I appreciate your offer but it's my fault that we got into trouble, not yours. You wouldn't see me punished if it was your fault, so it works both ways. But when I get the whipping, just hold me down real hard, will you? Because if I jump, you know that Dad's likely to increase the punishment. I don't want any more."


Right to the second, when the ten minutes had elapsed, the boys' father returned.

"Well, what's it to be?" he asked as he reached for the cane.

"I want it. I'll take it, Dad," Adrian replied as he again stripped naked and bent over.

Again, Travis's task was to count the punishment. As he counted each cut of the cane, he felt for his younger brother.

"One . . . Two . . . Three . . . Four . . . Five . . . Six . . . Seven . . . Eight . . . Nine . . . Ten."

"Pass me the whip, Travis."

There was absolutely no time for Adrian to even pause for breath. As Travis passed the whip to his father, Adrian once again spreadeagled himself across the desk. The end was in sight, he thought to himself. Travis knew that he must now hold his brother down firmly.

Adrian's bottom was really hurting now and each stroke of the whip was immensely painful. Despite the fact that he was being held down by his brother, the boy was unable to hold him firmly enough and as the fifth stroke lashed his buttocks, Adrian let out a mighty scream and jumped. Travis lost his balance and fell back on the floor.

Adrian feared for the worst. He knew that the usual result of any movement at all during punishment meant additional strokes but the end of his punishment came quicker than he had expected.

Travis rose to his feet and immediately stripped off his boxer shorts.

"I'll take the rest, please Dad. Adrian's had more than enough."

"If that's what you want," replied his father.

"Do you want me to hold you down Travis?" asked Adrian, who by this stage could hardly speak because of his intense pain.

"No, I'm all right."

Travis spread himself over the desk and his father administered eight solid strokes of the whip the five that remained from Adrian's ten and an additional three, the result of Adrian's movement during his punishment.

The boy did not move a muscle during his flogging, despite the fact that his father lashed at his buttocks with the utmost ferocity he could muster. He felt that as Adrian had taken the bulk of the punishment for the offences that had been committed then in no way should Travis's punishment be a light one.

"Get up, Travis," he commanded. "The pair of you can slip your pants back on and we'll find out if you've learnt anything from your punishment."

"Well, Adrian. What have you to say for yourself?"

"Dad. I know I did the wrong thing this afternoon and I'm very sorry. I know that I deserved to be punished severely. I have learnt my lesson well. The punishment has reminded me not to be disobedient in future and I promise that I won't smoke any more. It's not worth it. Thank you also for letting me take most of my brother's punishment as it was my fault."

"And you, Travis? What have you learnt today?"

"Although you only gave me eight strokes, it's reminded me not to leave the job I'm supposed to be doing, without permission."

"Anything else you'd like to say?"

"Yes, Dad. Thank you for punishing us. It'll do us both a lot of good. I realise that we need a good flogging every now and then to keep us in line and I'm pleased that you do care enough to give it to us when we need it."

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