Bullied in the Cafeteria Part 1

by Paul 33 <Arpoador3@cs.com>

Matt knew that his day was not going so well. His Dad yelled at him for not taking out the garbage the night before, he'd received a D on his math test, and now those jerks who always harassed him were coming towards him in the cafeteria. Matt was a Sophomore at an all-boys Catholic high school and while he had several good friends, some of the older boys really laid into him. He ran cross-country and swam, but the guys who played football and wrestled seemed to think that they could bully everyone else. He was the latest in their line of victims.

"Hey, Green. How'd you do in math?" the beefy dumb one called out to him. Matt ignored him as he waited in line for his lunch. "What are you deaf in addition to dumb? Hey everyone, Green is deaf and dumb!" Other boys in line laughed nervously, trying to fit in. Matt got meatloaf and potatoes and some milk and tried to make his way to the cashier.

"Hey, asshole, we are talking to you." another said. "You pay attention when your elders speak to you." Matt knew one of the guys to be the star quarterback for the football team; his ego even more inflated because he was only a Junior. The other boy was also a Junior and the captain of the wrestling team. Matt often finished cross-country practice when the wrestling team was weighing-in, and while most of the boys would wear gym shorts and take them off right before they got on the scale, Kevin Flannery would stand around the whole time totally naked, swinging his big Irish-American dick in everyone's face. He was so proud that he was extremely well-endowed for a sixteen year old boy, and he thought that his bush of red pubic hair was very cool. Matt thought Kevin was a little bit too much of an exhibitionist for as many girls as he claimed to screw. Most of the boys in the locker room tried to dress quickly, and some never even showered as they did not feel comfortable being naked around other boys. But Kevin loved to hang out nude, often swinging a baseball bat or just standing around talking to people. According to him, he never masturbated ("Sick, Dude!") because there was always some "bitch" blowing him, or bending over begging him to "bang" her with his "7 inch piece of meat." Matt was a virgin and thought most of the other boys at the school probably were too, but like every other teenage boy whose only action was his left hand, he wondered how much of Kevin's boasting was really true.

"You don't let those boys bother you, Matthew." the cashier said. "They are bullies." The cashier was an elderly neighbor of Matt's who lost her husband a few years ago. Matt often helped her with chores around the house.

"Aww, Green is standing behind his Grandma's apron." Tom Noonan, the football player, chimed in.

"Shut up, Noonan." Matt replied. Matt paid the $2.50 for his lunch.

"Aww, what are you going to do about it? Ask Grandma for help?" Kevin retorted. With that Matt turned to walk towards a table, and Tom grabbed him by the shoulder. Matt was caught off balance and dumped the whole tray of meatloaf and gravy down Tom's front. It covered his football jersey, which Tom was wearing because tomorrow was the opening game of the season and there was a pep rally later in the afternoon.

"What are you crazy, asshole?" Tom exploded. He attempted to tackle Matt but Kevin restrained him.

"Noonan! You can't get into deep _s_h_i_t_ today. The game is tomorrow. Back off! Now!" Kevin said sternly. With that Tom let Matt go and Kevin grabbed Matt by the neck and began rubbing his knuckles on Matt's skull. "Are you a little prick, Green? Huh? Are you a little prick?" Kevin rubbed harder and harder.

"Hey, get off me!" Matt pleaded.

"Are you a little prick?" Kevin asked again. He stopped rubbing. "Hey, I know! Let's see Green's little prick!" Tom started laughing and other boys chimed in.

"Let's see Green's little prick!"

"I bet there won't be much to see!" another laughed.

Matt started struggling wildly but Kevin held his neck in a lock, a move Matt knew was totally illegal at wrestling meets. Matt was totally restrained as Kevin started to undo Matt's buckle and Tom laughed gregariously. "What the _f_u_c_k_? Get off me, you stupid ass!" Matt screamed.

Kevin pushed down Matt's khakis to expose his white briefs. "Tightie whities!" Tom yelled. "What are you? Eight?" The cafeteria laughed uproariously. Matt knew from the locker room that a lot of other boys wore briefs, probably more than half, but today he wished he had on boxers. Worse, Matt was often shy at his age to undress in front of other boys, and with all of the excitement, he became erect and was tenting his briefs. The bulge was clearly visible to everyone witnessing this from nearby.

"Oh my God!" Tom laughed wildly, "Little Matt Green has got an iddy widdy boner!" The other boys screamed with delight at Matt's predicament, even though many of them were privately hard over the scene as well.

"Do you enjoy undressing guys, Noonan?" Matt screamed. "Is that how you get off?"

"_f_u_c_k_ you, faggot." Kevin snarled. And with that Mr. Klein, the physics and calculus teacher, entered the cafeteria.

"Gentlemen! What is going on here?" Mr. Klein thundered. "Mr. Flannery, release Mr. Green at once! And Mr. Green! Please do up your trousers and cover yourself! This is a lunchroom not a bordello!"

Kevin let Matt go and Matt quickly pulled up his khakis as the cafeteria fell silent. "Can someone please tell me what occurred here?" Mr. Klein asked calmly.

Tom chimed in: "Matt threw his food at me and then tried to attack Kevin."

"No way!" Matt pleaded. "Tom grabbed me and I accidently dumped my tray on him and then Kevin started wailing on me!"

"And at what point did you feel you needed to drop your trousers and expose yourself?" Mr. Klein asked sarcastically. The cafeteria laughed wildly. Matt was totally humiliated.

"Mrs. Stern," Mr. Klein turned to the cashier, "what do you make of all this?"

"Tom and Kevin were bullying Matt and then I am not quite sure what happened." she said meekly. Matt looked wide-eyed at Mrs. Stern but she quickly averted his gaze. She was a regular church-goer and was ashamed to have seen Matt with an erection. She thought _s_e_x_ should only be between two married people who want children and did not want to think of the boy who mows her lawn as a dog in heat. She felt dirty for having been in the room and felt she needed to go to the chapel at once to pray.

"Well it is obvious we will not sort this out here." Mr. Klein remarked. "The three of you to Father O'Flannery's Office at once."

"Hey! I wasn't involved in it!" Tom complained.

"At once, Mr. Noonan!" Mr. Klein retorted.

Matt glumly left the cafeteria and Tom and Kevin followed quietly behind. They knew that they would shortly be paddled by the Principal, Father O'Flannery, and the only question left was who Father would embarrass by making him run to the Rectory in his undershorts to retrieve the paddle. The boys' school, St. Patrick's, was viewed as one of the most academically elite schools in rural Ohio. It is supported by many famous, wealthy Irish Americans. Every parent in the area wanted his son to go there, regardless of faith. But one of the requirements for admission was that the parents sign a waiver allowing their sons to be disciplined by paddling for misbehavior. The waiver stated that paddlings would be done in loco parentis, as if the parents were disciplining the boys themselves; this way there could be no lawsuits, no claims of abuse. Many parents in the working-class community thought that this made the school even more appealing, but it made others a little nervous. Matt's parents, both of whom were doctors, reluctantly signed the waiver, and warned him never to get into trouble. They didn't believe in spanking. Kevin's and Tom's fathers thought that some good old-fashioned discipline would be good for their boys, as the boys' mothers would not allow them to be hit much at home.

to be continued...

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