Paul and David1

by Ludlow <>

Paul was feeling really pissed. David was coming to stay for THREE WEEKS and was to share his, Paul's bedroom!

There was already a spare bed in the room, used by Paul's special friends when they slept over, but now Paul had to rearrange all his things to make room for David's stuff.. _d_a_m_n_!

It was so _d_a_m_n_ unfair. Paul's anger grew and instead of rearranging his clobber neatly he was just stuffing it higgledy piggeldy anywhere he could. He managed to clear two drawers in his dressing table and two shelves and make in the wardrobe, then went outside to play, but was stopped in his track by his Mom. "Finished Paul?" she asked. "Yes" Paul almost snarled. "Well, lets see what youv'e done". His Mom replied. Very unwillingly Paul followed her back into his room., and quickly opened the 2 drawers he had cleared. "Very good Dear" his Mom cooed and before he could prevent her had opened one of the drawers he had stuffed. A jumble of balled up clothing met her eyes. She opened the other drawer with the same result. "Paul! that's disgusting. You will empty those drawers completely, fold everything neatly and repack and you aren't going anywhere until you have called me to inspect the finished result.." With a face like thunder Paul emptied the drawers onto his bed. His Mom saw his rebelliousness, and threatened. "Brace up yuong man or your bottom will feel Dad's strap." This did not improve Paul's temper and with an ever increasing feeling of being hard done by he proceeded to comply with his instructions but with a continual muttered imprecations which as the task proceeded became more and more audible. He had just uttered "freeking bitch" when he became aware that his mother had re-entered the room. Her glare was molten. "That does it young man. David will see tonight how insolence is treated in this house" Pauls stomach lurched as the implications of his Mom's words penetrated.

From being hot with anger, Paul became cold with dread. He was going to get strapped tonight with hated David watching! "I'm sorry Mom" he managed to stammer. "Too late boy, just do this job properly or it will get even worse."

Paul couldn't imagine how it could get worse, but with his anger now replaced by real dread, he calmed down and did fold and neatly repack the drawers, then to be on the safe side, he refolded and repacked the shelves as well. He had no sooner finished then he heard his Dad's car pull up. He called out, "Is it O. K for me to go out to meet David?" "Of course, you must, but that doesn't change anything." His Mom replied.

Paul raced outside to see an absolutely gorgeous 12 year old pulling a .suitecase out of the car. He had fair hair, slightly longish, so that a fringe fell over his forehead. He was slightly shorter than Paul and rounded. Not fat, just, well padded. Paul held out his hand. "Let me take that" he offered. Paul's Dad said "Hello Paul, no need to tell you this is David. David this is Paul" You'll be seeing a lot of each other so I hope you can be friends" Paul grimmaced, thinking "He's going to see an awful lot more of me than he expects".

Paul led David to the bedroom, pointed out what would be his bed, showing him the space he had made for his clothes.

Too soon, Pauls Dad entered the bedroom, the smile with which he had greeted Paul minutes earlier replaced by a rather grim expression. "Sit down both of you." They sat on their respective beds, whilst Paul's Dad pulled the chair out from Pauls desk and sat on it backwards, his arms resting on its back.

"I had planned on having a chat with David once he had settled in, but something has cropped up which rather accelerated my program. David, whilst you are a very welcome visitor here, you will have to abide by our rules. I have discussed this wsith your parents and they agree that I will treat you exactly as I treat Paul. Now this afternoon, Paul broke a few of those rules, so you will now witness the consequences" . Paul, what rules did you break?" Paul blushed, and eyed the floor. "I had an attitude, and lost my temper" "A bit more detail, please" Paul's Dad insisted. "I used bad language" "More" Paul's face was scarlet. "I swore at Mom". "That's quite a list" Dad commented dryly. "Be ready and in position when I come back" "But Dad, Davids here" Paul protested. "And David will stay here. That will help adjust your attitude and be an object lesson for him".

Miserably and in acute embarrasement Paul turned his back to David and proceeded to strip naked, folding his clothes neatly until he was wearing only his underpants, but they had to come off too. Still with his back to David he pulled them down and off and placed them on top of the other garment at the end of the bed, then hoisted himself ackwardly onto the bed, knelt with his knees spread and elbows supporting his torso butt sticking up, giving David a perfect view of his white butt and with his knees spread as they were, even his butt-hole, with testicles and penis hanging down between. Looking back between his legs Paul could see David's staring eyes, drinking in the fascinating scene. Paul was almost crying in humiliation and shame. He pulled his pillow to his head and buried his face in it to hide his face but also to stifle his inevitable crys.

Dad returned with the dreaded strap. "I'm not going to lecture you. You know what you did. I'm going to give you eighteen so that you will appreciate it's seriousness" Paul cringed. Eighteen! The most he'd had before was 12, and that had had him howling. What would David think when he broke down as he assuradely would. That speculation ended with the arrival of the first stroke landing with a resoinding crack, Paul gasped loudly. The pain was still building and spreading when the 2nd landed. Paul gasped again but not quite as loudly, and so it went on. Having started at the top of Paul's bottom each succeeding stroke was parallell, the 4th landing on the crease between buttocks and legs, the most sensitive area, and that evoked a strangles yelp. The fifth stroke wrapped over his right rhigh and the tip of the strap caused a vicious sting on the inside of his leg. This time Paul howled. From this onwards every lick was over an already tenderised areas and previously raised welts were being revisited. Paul's yelps turned to howls and then to continual loud bawling as wave after wave of anguish washed over his whole buttocks.

Soon he needed more air than was available with his face buried in the pillow and he raised his head to draw great gulps of air wich were exhaled as loud cries as each succeeding stroke fell.

All thoughts of David disappeared. His only thought was the fierce overwhelming pain burning, searing in his buttocks. It was many seconds before he realised it was over.

He collapsed flat onto his bed, trying to control the sobs that wracked him, but it was minutes before his crying reduced to gulping hiccuping sobs.

David came over sat on the bed beside him, then started to smooth cold cream over the burning welts. The sensation was soothing and Pauls breathing began to resume a smoother pattern. Some of the most painful licks had curled over his upper thighs and the tip of the strap had bitten between his legs. As David soothed these parts his fingers brushed the back of Paul's testicles in a thrilling and exciting way and Paul felt an erection rising. He raised his butt slightler to give his enlarging organ room to grow.

David obviously became aware of this because his soothing hand slid over Pauls hip and began to insinuate itself below his hip bone. Paul felt his excitement grow. The pain in his butt forgotten at the anticipation of what Davis was doing. He again lifted his butt allowing Davi's hand to burrow under his body. The hand brushed under Pauls now hard penis and encircled it. "Aaagh" Paul whinnied as a thrll surged through his body. He bent his head to look back and saw the tent which now rose in David's trousers. Paul reach out his hand and squeezed the tent pole through David, s trousers. David shuddered, then dropped his hand and started to unclip the top fastening, but Paul stopped him. "Let me do it." He rolled onto his side exposing his throbbing penis, as David adjusted his hold, and unzipped Davids trousers. David let go of Paul, s throbbing pole and stood next to the bed allowing Paul to pull his shorts down to his ankles, followed by his briefs, exposing Davids equally stiff, though thinner, shorter, hairless projection. David stepped out of his trousers and briefs and pulled off his shirt and vest and lay on his side on the bed facing Paul, where they resumed stroking each other in growing excitement.. Their movement grew more deliberate as they moved their hands up and down on each other's shafts. Soon Pauls breathing quickened and with an audible exhalation his tube started to shoot it's white juice onto Davids chest and stomach in urgent bursts. David continued to milk the slowly softening protruson till no more juice was forthcoming. Paul had ceased his ministrations to Davisd whilst his orgasm ran it's course, but now he returned to pleasuring Davis with renewed vigour until David too arched and shot his load onto Paul's chest and stomach. They lay back if not exhausted, certainly satiated as Paul said to David "I resented having you share my room, Now I'm glad. That spanking was worth it just to get us started. I am looking fortward to the next three weeks.

Much happened during those three weeks during which David felt the strap and as they explored many ways of giving each other pleasure. So if you'd like to hear about them, write to me aludlownw@hotmail. com

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