Stiff and Mortified

by Mr Swede <>

Me and Cody were best friends. We were both freckled, fair-skinned barefoot-kids with blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair, being a bit small for our ages both about size and behavior. This incident happened when we were 13 years old. We were both late bloomers, looking more like 10-11 than our real age. We were just in these very first stages of puberty, when your feet gets unproportionally big and you've already had your very first (pre)_s_e_x_ual feelings.

The incident? Well, it was a fairly classical scenario, although you would probably connect it more with the forbidden games of 7-8 year olds than 13 year olds. We were simply playing with matches and we got caught red-handed by Cody's dad. He had smelled the smoke of our little backyard-fire, which was actually close to getting out of our control. Codys dad killed the fire and declered that Cody would get a spanking. He also said that I would get one too, if he would be the one to decide. Cody whined that he was too old for a spanking, but his dad just replied that he was too old for such silly and dangerous games, and too big for his britches, but not for bare-bottom spankings. Cody's dad then called my dad, and I knew my little butt would soon be in trouble too, because my dad also believed in spankings.

While waiting for my dad to arrive, Cody's dad lectured his boy. Cody's dad was sitting on an armless chair and Cody was standing before him crying and whining defiantly. I was standing 2 yards or so away and watched them. I felt a strange excitement as Cody's dad unfastened Cody's pants, bared Cody's bottom, put my friend over his knee and then started spanking his bare bottom right in front of my eyes. As I heard the loud smacks and watched his white bottom get red handprints, I got deeply aroused. I felt my heart race and my dick getting rock-hard.

Just when Cody's dad had finished spanking Cody, the doorbell rang. Cody was to stand in the corner crying and with his red bottom on display. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I saw my angry dad enter. He and Cody's dad spoke briefly, then he approached me and the procedure was basically the same as when Cody was just spanked. Dad sat on the same chair with me standing in front of him (as for my clothing, I was dressed in a white t-shirt, outgrewn red jeans and bare feet). He lectured me, but I didn't hear much what he said. I was still aroused by witnessing Cody's spanking and it seemed the fact I was about to get a spanking myself did not decrease my arousal. To the contrary!

My heart was beating hard and fast. Butterflies stormed inside my stomach. My erection was indeed still rock-hard and straining against the fabric in front. I started to realize with panic, that I was just about to be deprived of my innermost modesty, and that there seemed to be nothing I could do to avoid it. When being spanked before, the spanking itself was the sole thing that bothered me, not the nakedness. The prospect of having my stiffy on display made me think way differently about it!

As my dad reached for my pants I felt panic and when he started pulling them down I resisted as hard as I could. I managed to stop him for a second, but he just smacked my hands away and a second later I was standing there in just my t-shirt and undies, embarrasingly and visibly tented in front.

Dad did not seem to take much notice about my aroused state, but just continued his lecture for another minute or so. My face was beet-red and I understood that more depantsing was to come. Dad reached for the waistband of my undies and I again started a panicked but futile resistance. Down went my undies, catching my erection on their way down, causing it to get tightened like a spring. A fraction of a second later when it was released, it bounced all the way up, hitting my stomach with a splatting sound. Dad paused briefly giving my boner a short glimpse before I managed to pull my t-shirt down in front to partially cover it. Dad slapped my hands aways from my front, again revealing my full-blown 3-inch erection. He then continued his lecture for another minute, undisturbed by the fact that my erection was pointing defiantly against his face, just some inches away. I was mortified beyond belief.

Dad then turned me over his knee and gave me the hardest bare-bottom spanking I had ever got. Dad's big, strong, rough right hand was as bad as any strap or hairbrush. Dad's big hand covered both of my small butt-cheeks in one spank and this is how he mostly spanked. Long before the spanking was over, my erection had shrivelled, my bottom was as red as my face and I was crying real naughty-boy-tears. It was all just like what my friend Cody had gone through some minutes before, although he had been spared the stiffening frontal embarrassment I had to go through in addition.

This was the first, but not last, time I got aroused (and embarrassed) when getting a well-deserved disciplinary spanking from dad.

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