The Boy and His Spanking

by Johny

Johny walked down the hallway with his head hung. This was not a good day. Even though it had started out with such promise. A crisp, glorious fall morning, where all the colors seemed somehow sharper and clearer in the cool sun. His classes at the local community college had all gone swimmingly that day. And it was while he had spent a care free lunch break downtown with friends that his mobile rang.

"Johny, this is Jeremy. You need to come see me immediately." That was all Jeremy said and then he hung up. Johny who, ten seconds before, had been full suddenly had butterflies fluttering about in his belly. This is not good. This is bad. Johny shifted uneasily in his seat, all sensations in his bottom suddenly heightened. He got up from the table, told his friends he would see them later and made his way for Jeremy's house.

Jeremy was Johny's father figure. He was in his early thirties, six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a swimmer's body. He swam a hundred laps each morning. When he was younger he had begun training for the Olympics, but as it is wont to do, life happens and the Olympics became a lost dream. But the training had shaped who Jeremy was in life. He kept his hair insanely short, but thankfully was blessed with a head that looked _s_e_x_y with little hair. His green eyes stood out against his usual lightly tanned skin. It was in that training that Jeremy had first been spanked and learned the value of regular spankings. As a young, and sometimes _c_o_c_k_y, young swimmer Jeremy had found himself many a time dripping wet, his speedo yanked down to his knees, and slung over his Coach's lap with his bottom being slapped till it burned bright red.

Jeremy was an instructor now at the College that Johny attended. Jeremy taught Iconology and a variety of Art classes ranging from Pottery, Photography, to Graphic Arts. He was a very busy man who loved his varied work life. He had met Johny only a semester ago, in the fall. And since then, the boy had been spanked only twice. Johny, a lean guy, was an inch or two shorter than Jeremy, with impossible black curls and happy hazel eyes. Johny was a good swimmer and it was at the pool that the two had met. Johny was the adorable boy with the acid tongue. His sharp wit and _c_o_c_k_y behavior didn't know when to quit.

It was on such an occasion when somehow the two had ended up racing in the pool. It was early on a sunday morning, no one was there. No lifeguard, it was a swim at your own risk pool. Johny, miracle of miracles, won the race and gently ribbed Jeremy non stop.

"I just beat an Olympic Swimmer!" Johny joked, splashing Jeremy. "You did not. I was never an Olympic swimmer" Jeremy replied keeping with his morning laps, irked at the loss.

Johny kept joking and Jeremy kept swimming laps, slightly annoyed at this _c_o_c_k_y newcomer. It wasn't until they both got out the pool, the water streaming down past their speedos that fit quite snugly on the pair, that Johny crossed a line.

"Well if you hadn't quit way back when, then today I would have beat an Olympic swimmer." Mainly at the sheer annoyance of having his whole ritual invaded by the young punk did Jeremy grab the boy by the wrist, led him back to the lockerrom, sat down on the bench and roughly placed the boy over his knee. Johny was shocked and kicked to get out of this position, but Jeremy was far too strong and with a few fast, hot slaps got the boy's attention.

"It is obvious to me, that you have never been spanked before. But if you think that you can just disrupt the peace of this place with your attitude, that i'm going to disrupt the peace of your bottom so that you learn some respect!" Jeremy firmly said. "You can't spank me!" Johny said shocked. Johny couldn't believe he had just said the word spank. It seemed so vague and foreign. Jeremy was right, he had never been spanked before. And Jeremy wasted no time now.


The first swats came faster than the first ones and harder too. Johny gasped as Jeremy's firm hand, guided by his well toned and muscular arm slapped and spanked Johny's youthful butt.

"Jeremy, stop it!" Johny cried out after a bit. Here is this guy I just met spanking me! Johny was horrified at the thought. Of course Jeremy was a hot guy, and of course Johny had been immediately attracted, but this was too much, too soon! Johny threw his arm back, but Jeremy had anticpated this and simply pinned it down.


Johny began screaming. Only recourse in a situation like this Johny thought. Someone is bound to come in here and put a stop to this.

"Stop screaming Johny. Do you want someone to come in here and find you being spanked over a man's knee like a little boy?"

Oh. That thought hadn't crossed Johny's mind.

"Do you? Think about that for a second! Do you want somebody to come in here and see you being spanked?"

a SLAP! on his butt prompted Johny to answer:

"No" he gritted through his teeth. "Good!" Jeremy smiled "And to make sure you don't do anymore screaming..."

Jeremy hooked two fingers under the waistband of the boy's speedo, then tried to yank them to his knees.

"NOOO! You're not spanking me bare!" Johny cried, caught between his concern of a bare bottom spanking and his speedo which was now caught on his hard-on.

"Oh, I think I am. You'll be quiet that way, because you do NOT want another man coming in and seeing you turned over my lap, your speedo at your ankles, and your cute little bottom being punished like a little boy's would be. Not to mention the fact that you have a hard-on over it." And with that Jeremy reached under and pulled the boy's hard-on free from the Speedo. Then the Speedo was tugged down past the boy's damp, muscular thighs.

Johny's butt wasn't the only thing turning bright red. Jeremy had touched his erect manhood, and was now repositioning Johny's bottom so that Johny's tool was rubbing against Jeremy's bare thigh. For a minute this contact felt like a saving grace, warmth spread through the boy's body. Then, it was gone.


The swats on Johny's bottom hurt so much MORE!

SPANK! SMACK! SMACK! [on the upper thighs] SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! [all on the boy's right cheek]

"Ow! Please stop! I'm sorry for what I said! OWWW!!! I'm ...sorry!" the boy said, trying to keep his voice down and in turn was causing him to convulse with his tears. Jeremy simply smiled and spanked this boy's bottom. It was his duty after all. This boy had never been spanked and was in need of fatherly attention to his backside. His behavior in the pool was only the tip of the iceberg Jeremy guessed. And his guesses were usually more than accurate.

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! [all on the deep red left cheek] SLAP! SLAP! [on the thighs again]

and then a round of fast swats all over the boy's butt:


The boy kicked and screamed, he couldn't help it. The sting was too much for his tender bottom that never before had felt a man's hand to it.

Then Jeremy stopped. The boy lay gasping over the Man's knee, crying, trying to catch his breath, his hard-on still pinned against Jeremy's thigh.

"Stand up Johny, but do not touch your bottom. Otherwise I'll spank you some more." The boy got up with fire on his butt and in his eyes. "Take your speedo off."


"I'm not going to ask you again."

Johny looked towards the door and in that split second distraction found himself being dragged to the showers. Jeremy parked the boy in the corner, yanked the speedo off the boy completely, then delivered ten hot spanks to the boy's bottom.

"OWWW!" Johny wailed "No more! Please stop!" Jeremy did. "No more what Johny? And ask politely."

"Please, don't...spank, me...anymore..."


"You obviously don't know polite manners do you, son? Call me sir."

"OWWW F*** off!" Johny screamed without thinking and immediately regretted it. "I didn't mean that! I'm so sorry! Please, don't spank me anymore sir! I'm begging you! Don't spank me!"

"Why don't you want to be spanked?"

"Because it hurts!"

"And why were you spanked?"

"Because I was mean and insulted you."

"And are you sorry?"

"Yes, I am...sir."

"How old are you?"

"21 one...[slap]...sir!"

"You've just been taught a lesson young man. A Man spanks young boys, and you obviously are a young boy. A Man would have realized the line before he crossed it earlier and you did not. So you were punished like a little boy." While Jeremy was giving this speech, his arm was firmly placed around Johny's torso. "Now, you will recieve ten more for your profanity."

"NO, please!"

"TWENTY MORE!" Jeremy shouted and began spanking the boy. These smacks and slaps were so much worse than before. Jeremy revealed his hidden strength in these and Johny did all he could to break free but couldn't. He cried openly and his bottom was slapped over and over again. Then it was over.

"I want you to stand in this corner until I tell you, you can move. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." Johny replied, spent. "If someone comes in, I will tell you so you can at least have a chance to preserve your modesty. But I doubt you will have much time. If you move, you get another spanking. Understand?"

"Yes, sir." Johny mumbled. His embarrassment knew no end now. First spanked, then on his bare bottom, now he was going to have stand in the corner? Jeremy walked away to get his shower gear. Johny took the opportunity to rub his flaming bottom. Jeremy came back, completely naked and took his shower. He now felt Johny had learned his lesson and was allowing the enjoyment of the spanking to absorb him more fully. The boy had a lovely bottom to spank, and he just did. From time to time Jeremy looked over and enjoyed his work.

He finished up, dried off and put on a snug pair of white cotton briefs when he walked over to Johny.

"Alright young man. You are free to go. But any more of your lip in here and you know where you'll end up right?"

"Yes, sir."


"Over your knee, sir."

"And what will I do to you?"

"You'll spank me...sir"

"That's right. And bad boys, do they get spanked on their bare bottoms?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, remember it. You can go."

Jeremy turned as Johny did, and the boy got to admire now Jeremy's backside as he walked away. But Johny soon realized that his manhood was creeping up again. That's the last thing he needed right now! He quickly walked backed to his locker. While he undid his lock, another man entered the lockerroom. He was in his late 30's and very well built. His name was James and he immediately saw Johny's flaming red butt.

"Uh-oh, looks like some bad boy's been getting spanked in here." Jeremy now pulling his jean's up over his own clothed bottom spoke for Johny.

"This boy just recieved his first spanking and I hope he learned his lesson. Did you Johny?"

Johny gritted his teeth. "Yes, sir." Johny was having serious doubts that he would ever return to this gym, as James walked by and gave Johny a hot swat on his butt.

Johny smiled as he started his car. James, what a wonderful idiot. It had been ten minutes now since Jeremy's call, and still the butterflies were flying about. Johny reached down and rubbed his left cheek, which now was so white, and so easy to sit on! Worry, passed through Johny's eyes now. Jeremy said it would be the hairbrush next time. Johny drove out of the parking lot, a boy driving to his spanking.

To be continued....

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