Bus Trip

by Jerry Berry <Jake_robe@hotmail.com>

The bus was one of those coach types, with the high back, reclining seats and a john in the rear. Will settled into a cozy spot toward the back where he could relax on the long trip through the midwest on his way to grad school. He felt a little intimidated traveling across country alone. Back home, his parents and friends still called him "Willy", even though he was already 21, but he decided to start introducing himself as "Will" from now on. Will wanted to start acting older, since he hated that he looked like a teenager.

The interior of the bus was dim, and smelled a little of exhaust whenever the driver downshifted. It was an older bus, but still comfortable. As Will eyed a seat toward the back, he was startled to realize that there were about three tough-looking guys and a woman back there. The men were stocky, not bad looking, but somewhat middle-aged. They all work dark clothing, and were wreathed in smoke. The woman seemed a little haggard and plump compared to her companions. She was sitting straddling the lap of one of the men, eyes closed. The little group were slouched around some bench seats that formed an "L" shape in the back of the bus.

One man in particular caught his eye. He had a very short buzz cut, flecked with grey, broad but handsome face, probably late 30's. The guy had very stocky arms covered with tatoos. He stared for too long as he approached his seat, and the guy leered up at him in a half grin, half sneer. His sneer panned Will up and down, returning to Will's face. The guy never stopped his conversation, but blew out a long stream of cigarette smoke, then looked back at his companions after about 20 seconds.

Will was used to being ogled by people, both men and women. He was a soccer player, with a stocky but very well-built body. His face was angular, but slightly rounded under his sandy blond hair. He wore a small, masculine earing in his right ear, like the other guys he hung out with. And, what will be an important part of the events of this bus trip, would be Will's most ample feature. He had a very rounded, bubble butt! In fact, it was a source of embarrassment to him, since Will felt that his butt was too rounded. It stuck out and was very pronounced, and made Will feel self-conscious about it. It had been built up from all the years of soccer playing, and he was a good player.

Will wished he had worn something baggier to hide that butt a little better under the tatoo-man's sneer. He was wearing some navy and white plaid seer-sucker shorts of very thin, cotton material and a tight tee shirt with his soccer team name, "Zealots". The shorts were baggy in the legs, but hugged his rump tightly, straining the zipper in front. He had also gone up a waist size recently but didn't get time to buy new clothes. The white, cotton briefs he wore were old and had shrunk. They tended to ride up quite a bit. Will blushed, and was thankful that the bus was dimly lit. That was another thing about his skin that made him look young. He blushed so easily, and often turned red from either embarassment or over-exertion while playing soccer. It made him look a lot younger.

Will bent and slid into his seat, relieved to be out of view. Then he realized that the john was back there, and he'd have to walk into the center of them to get to it. He put that thought out of his mind and squirmed to get his briefs out of his crack. First order of business would be to buy some clothes when he arrived at school.

Will wished he had sat forward near the other younger guy on the bus. He was only a couple rows in front of the older group behind him, and only a few folks were seated further in the front, including one other guy about his age. The men behind him got loud from time to time, and seemed to be having a good time. Maybe they weren't so bad after all. The smoke wafted up to Will's seat once in awhile. At one point, Will heard motions and grunts that sounded like _s_e_x_ noises, and tried to imagine what was going on back there. The woman made some faint cries, and the men's muffled comments and laughter could be heard. Will burned with lust and shame, picturing the woman sitting on the laps of the men, and what their _s_e_x_ual activities looked like. Finally, Will noticed that the group moved forward and sat where they could talk and laugh with the bus driver. Somewhere up front, a radio went on and was tuned to a baseball game.

Will settled in for a snooze. Sometime later, the bus jolted him awake and he had to pee. He was still filled with lust, and thought about masturbating in the dark bus, or maybe in the john. He got up to explore the curiousity of using the john in a bus like this. The group had moved forward, so the coast was clear to get to the john in back.

It was twilight and darker in the bus. He held onto the iron bars to resist the swaying motions while he walked. He concentrated on seeing the bathroom door, so he was startled when he glanced down and met the eyes of the Tatoo-man. He stopped in his tracks and stared at the man who had stayed behind, alone on the back seat of the bus. He sat facing the front directly in front of Will, and very close to the john door. Will would have to squeeze right by him to enter the John.

Tatoo-man sneered again, but this time he winked as he puffed on the cigarette between his fingers, slouching in the back seat, legs apart. Will felt like Willy again under this Tatoo-man's gaze. Will fought to regain his composure. In a comic way, Tatoo-man reminded Will of Curly on the Three Stooges, except more angular and tougher.

"Hi. Will." Will offered in a low tone, and extended his hand out of habit, then felt like it was foolishly too intimate for a stranger on a dark bus.

Long exhale. "Mike." Mike took his hand after a minute. The bus lurched and Will almost fell in his lap. Mike steadied him with his grip. His face was just inches from Tatoo Mike, and he saw the scar across one eyebrow, and the coarseness of the skin. He smelled of a mixture of cologne and cigarette smoke.

After another minute, Will turned and pushed open the door to the john. He thought of Mike out there listening to his stream hit the toilet the whole time. He felt so foolish for blurting out his name to this guy. Yet he felt flustered by him. He was a different sort than he knew from growing up in a small town in California. Still aroused but half asleep, Will turned to wash his hands, then struggled to get the door open again against the moving of the bus.

Will was so lost in his thoughts and drowsiness as he absently pushed against the door. The bus was making a turn, or navigating a ramp. The engine whined, and the old bus leaned steeply. This leaning suddenly lightened the door of the john, and it sprang open unexpectedly. Will almost flew out of the john and couldn't find anyplace to hold on.

In what seemed like slow motion in the semi-darkness, Will watched himself dislodge from the john and head across the back seat of the empty rear of the bus. Mike looked up with his ever-present sneer, and lifted his arms to receive his sudden visitor. Will slowly stumbled, pitched forward, and then sprawled across Mike's lap! Mike seemed to take the whole event in stride, and used his strength to break Will's fall. Mike's burly left arm came down across Will's back, and his broad right hand ended up gripping Will's rump!

"Oooops!", Will's face burned with shame at landing in this big man's lap, and then feeling the broad hand firmly planted on his bubble butt. The thin, cotton material of the plaid shorts seemed very flimsy, and revealed every small movement of the hand against his sensitive buttocks.

Tatoo-Mike made no movement to help him up, but sat unfazed, studying the new visitor across his lap. His arm rested across Will's shoulders, effectively holding him in place. His hand explored Will's rump, patting, sliding lightly to smooth the thin material, and almost imperceptibly squeezing the firm, rounded butt. Will could see that no one was anywhere near them, they were virtually alone in the back of the dark bus.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to get up, Will realized that the big stranger wasn't letting him up. After a few minutes being explored by the big hand, he felt Mike lean forward and speak near his ear. His voice was deep and kind of raspy, and felt warm on the side of his head and ear.

"Well, Willy. You came to see me, eh?" Will could picture the sneer as Mike spoke. He also was startled at being called "Willy" by a stranger who didn't know him from anywhere. Will was feeling himself morph back into the familiar "little Willy", caught in this humiliating position on the big stranger's lap.

Willy lay quietly, strangely comforted by Tatoo-Mike's soothing voice and strong hands. Mike continued exploring Willy's bubble butt. Mike slid over out of view of the aisle of the bus, and boosted up his right leg onto the wheel well. This forced Willy's bubble butt up at a better angle for exploration. Willy stiffened as he felt the hand moving around the loose leg opening of the thin shorts.

"You must be a soccer player, eh? That right? You a "Zealot", Willy?" Mike sneered. His hand was entering the opening, moving along the smooth skin of Willy's upper thigh. The hand went up inside the baggy leg. The rough fingers felt the smooth, bare skin of the right buttock that had popped out when the too-small briefs rode up Willy's crack. Mike traced a stubby finger across both buttocks under the briefs, then lightly fingered Willy's plump balls. Willy felt the finger creeping up higher, until it probed his crack! He wriggled and flexed his bubble butt. He thought he'd come when the finger paused near his hole, tickled it in a circular motion, and then pressed against the tight opening. Willy gasped softly in the darkness, his legs spread wide as Mike's finger started to go up his asshole!

Willy was so horny all night from his earlier fantasies, and now feeling the hand up the back of his shorts, that he "popped a willy" right then and there! His face burned hot with shame and strangely, lust, at the big man's probing. He knew that his arousal must be evident, as he wriggled over the muscular thighs of the lap under him. It was a great turn-on to Willy, the feeling of being seduced, or even forced, by this strange man. He thought of his fiancee back home, and wondered if this was an insight at how she might feel under his own advances when they made out in the car at the drive-in theater.

Another lurch of the bus unbalanced them both, and Willy half slid off of Mike's lap. Willy struggled to stand, still bent over with Mike's hand on his waist band trying to steady the kid. Suddenly, SWAT! Mike's big hand swatted the bent-over bubble butt sharply, and then stayed there. Will stood up, startled, with the hand planted firmly in place. He looked down in shock and found himself staring into the Tatoo-man's lusting eyes, and watched them travel down to the boner in Willy's thin cotton shorts. He stood like that for a moment, paralyzed, feeling Mike's broad finger half inside his crack, gripping his rear end through the flimsy shorts.

Then he turned and stumbled back to his seat, shamed by the whole experience. He fled and laid low in his own seat, too humiliated to be seen by anyone. He felt like everyone would be able to take one look at him an know what had just happened back there. So he hid out in his seat, dozing and waking in the dark bus, and fingering his swollen dick. It was more swollen than he had ever experienced in his life! Who was that guy? Willy rubbed until he almost came a couple times, then lay panting in the reclining seat.

Later in the middle of the night, Willy woke up. He had to go. He listened and could hear two muffled male voices. Mike and someone else were talking back there. So it would be safe to go by, since Mike couldn't attack him with someone else there.

Willy made it back to the john, and carefully avoided looking at the men. They talked and smoked without bothering with him. The radio was now playing some kind of talk show somewhere toward the front of the bus. He finished his business and, before opening the john door, listened for the men outside. The conversation seemed to have stopped. He heard no voices except for the distant radio broadcast. With heart pounding in his chest, and feeling aroused at the memory of Mike's hand up his ass, he pushed open the door and stepped out.

Big Tatoo-Mike and another guy were both sneering at him this time. Mike's companion was another burly man like himself, but only one tatoo on his bicep. Hair was a little longer, and combed into place with gel. In the dark, he looked muscular, powerful, and eyes hard with lust.

Willy made the mistake of looking at them. He hung on the john door for support as the bus swayed, looking from one chiseled, sneering face to the other. He had the feeling that they were in cahoots against him. He felt the danger around these two in the dark of the bus. It was very seductive and tantalizing, like a chemistry of lust, being hunted in the dark. His mind was drawn into the possibilities, being pulled into their laps and fondled. How far would it go here in close proximity to others who might discover them. He felt his arousal growing in his shorts. The two sneers bore into him. Mike flicked an ash from his cigarette.

Willy made a decision and turned to go back to his seat. He braced himself, holding onto two of the seat backs as the bus downshifted and hesitated, bringing him to a standstill in the aisle. Willy's hair stood up on the back of his neck, sensing the two predators seated an arm's length behind him.

Two strong hands gripped the flimsy shorts from behind and tugged at each leg. The snap popped open, the zipper gave way, and down they came. Willy turned in surprise as the shorts came down to his ankles to expose the tight briefs that couldn't cover his bubble butt. His boner stuck out in the front, barely restrained by the briefs. The bus finished its pause and started forward, sending Willy backwards to sit in Mike's lap. He felt startlingly exposed, sitting on Mike with his shorts down, and nothing but the little briefs hiding his arousal. He stared at the stranger's sneer across from Mike, his face burning with shame. He tried to speak, but nothing came out.

Tatoo-Mike's friend held out his hand and took Willy's hand. "Danny", he sneered. Mike flipped him over his lap as Danny helped by pulling Willy's arm to stretch him forward over the seat. "Nice bubble butt, me lad." Danny had some sort of a brogue.

Mike yanked up gently on the waist band of the briefs, and both buttocks popped completely free into view. Willy was shocked at his nakedness, highway scenery flying by like shadows in the night.

"Just beggin' ta be spanked, I'd say. What about you?" Danny eyed the firm buttocks, and clasped one firmly in his hand. Willy gasped as Danny's rough hand clasped the firm bubble of flesh.

"Yep, I'd say." Mike rasped. He swatted Willy's left cheek, leaving the sensation of a warm handprint floating on his bare flesh. Danny swatted the right cheek, and so they started.

The radio talk show, or the sleeping of the other passengers, must have hidden the sounds of swats and groans coming from the rear. At any rate, no one seemed to notice. They rubbed and swatted Willy's ass for quite awhile as the bus sped on. Mike held him up by the waistband of his briefs. After awhile, Willy got so hard that his boner bounced free of the briefs and hung out in the air. When Danny noticed it, he wrapped his big hand around it, rubbing and squeezing down to the plump balls.

Then, Danny turned and rummaged in his rucksack and came out with a ruler. Mike heaved Willy up and turned him around to give Danny a better aim at the target. Willy sucked in his breath, but didn't complain. The men noticed Willy's nicely endowed penis flopping free as he turned. Willy felt his light, cotton shorts slide down to his ankles, and then come off over his shoes as they maneuvered him around and back over Mike's lap. As he settled back over Mike's big thighs, Mike suddenly peeled down the briefs too! Willy grabbed at them to hold them in place, sick at being stripped bare naked in a public bus.

Mike tugged the briefs one side and the other, and they slowly inched down Willy's thighs to his knees. His soccer tee was pulled up under his armpits, and restrained his arms from holding up the briefs. Danny rubbed the ruler around and bounced it on the naked bubble butt. He traced it up and down the crack, and goosed it into a few tender spots, seeing the effect it had. Willy arched his back and bucked up onto his knees each time the ruler goosed him. This had the effect of slipping his briefs further down over his knees, lower and lower, until it was around his ankles. Then Danny helped slip them off his feet and tossed them aside!

Willy now found himself bare-assed naked in the rear of the bus bent over Mike's lap. Willy frantically looked around for his pants and briefs, but they had disappeared into the darkness of the bus. Danny wielded the ruler, and cracked it across his ass until Willy saw stars and his ass lit up. Mike held him in place, so he couldn't escape the stinging swats. His ass felt like there were a hundred stinging welts across it, but probably felt worse than it looked. Willy felt that sick lust in the pit of his stomach at Mike's touch, and at the lustful gaze of the men staring at his bare ass. His boner had returned in force, and he instinctively ground his hips into Mike's lap as Danny laid into his quivering bubble buttocks. Mike thrust slightly up each time to meet him.

In his contortions he started to slide off Mike's lap. Mike held him around the shoulders as he slipped down, Willy's face almost in Mike's crotch, and his bare rump pointing into Danny's face. Danny started rummaging in his rucksack again, but Willy was staring at Mike's bulging crotch. Mike reached under Willy's nose and pulled down his own zipper. He fumbled inside the fly until his own thick _c_o_c_k_ popped free and wobbled against Willy's nose. Willy stared at the thick, round head and curved shaft of Mike's big dick. Mike's big hand grasped the back of Willy's head and roughly forced his face down onto his _c_o_c_k_. Willy's face rubbed back and forth over the fat penis. Finally, it found Willy's lips, and Willy opened his mouth very slightly to give it entrance. The fat _c_o_c_k_ slid in along his tongue and hit the back of his throat, leaving a slightly salty trail. Willy wiggled his tongue lightly along the shaft, and Mike moaned softly.

Suddenly, Danny returned from rummaging in his rucksack. Unknown to Willy, Danny had taken out a smooth, glass _d_i_l_d_o_ and smeared it with lubricant. Danny set it down and turned to stare at Willy's handsome, firm melons wobbling inches from him. Willy appeared to be working over Mike's fat _c_o_c_k_ with his tongue. Mike had a large grin plastered on his face. Danny placed a rough hand on each of Willy's buns to move him into position. When Willy felt the two large hands clamp onto his fat ass cheeks, he moaned softly, spread his legs and shamelessly stuck his ass out. Willy pictured Danny staring at his bare ass, as he felt the hands squeeze his melons and pull them apart. Willy gyrated his bare rump in the darkness. He froze again when Danny's finger traced along his crack, and paused to press his throbbing asshole.

Danny took the fat, glass _d_i_l_d_o_ and rubbed it all over Willy's perfect bubble butt. He savored the sight of the long, curved _d_i_l_d_o_ with mushroom head sticking up Willy's crack. Pessing gently, the glass penis started to enter. In shock, Willy opened his mouth and Mike's fat _c_o_c_k_ slid out. Willy looked back at Danny over his shoulder with a surprised look as Danny forced him to take the whole length of the slick _d_i_l_d_o_.

"Ohhhh, _s_h_i_t_!" Willy's face burned crimson and he broke into a sweat. This guy was _f_u_c_k_ing his ass good with that thing! Willy stuck his butt in the air and spread his legs to press against the _d_i_l_d_o_ until he took it all the way. Mike pulled him forward, grasping him under the armpits, and his face went back onto the _c_o_c_k_, while the _d_i_l_d_o_ slid out. Then he pressed back toward Danny, taking the _d_i_l_d_o_ back in and feeling Mike's _c_o_c_k_ slide out til only the tip sat between his lips. Back and forth he went, _f_u_c_k_ing the _d_i_l_d_o_ while Mike _f_u_c_k_ed his face.

Willy hoped no one else was coming, as he bent, wiggled, humped the _d_i_l_d_o_, and licked the _c_o_c_k_ all at the same time. Danny also reached forward and slapped a gob of lubricant on Willy's _c_o_c_k_, which was swollen stiff and wobbling free. Mike reached under and grabbed it in his big hand. Now Willy was also pressing his itching dick into Mike's fist. "That's it, _f_u_c_k_ it good, dude!" Mike rasped with hot breath in Willy's ear.

"Stick up that ass, you _f_u_c_k_er!" Danny whispered, as he maneuvered Willy's ass with one large hand grasping the firm bubble butt.

Willy felt the cold, slippery feeling of the lubricant on Danny's hand rubbing around on his flexing glute muscle as Danny slid him back and forth. He grasped the _d_i_l_d_o_ with his asshole hard each time he slid back and took it in. Willy could feel it hit the bend up inside him, and push his dick hard. The combination of the _c_o_c_k_ in his mouth, the _d_i_l_d_o_ up his ass, and Mike's fist enclosing his fat _c_o_c_k_ were bringing Willy to the edge of a throbbing climax fast! Just as Willy was ready to come harder than he had ever come, they all stopped.

Willy waited, bent over Mike's lap, the _d_i_l_d_o_ half in his ass, and listened to his heart beating wildly. Even the nerves in his fingertips were supercharged and throbbed against Mike's firm buttocks. That was the spot Willy had found to hang onto. More footsteps came down the aisle of the bus. "Oooops! Who..." Willy tried to jump up and hide himself, but Mike and Danny held him in place. He shuddered with shame. His bare bubble butt was still stuck up in the air against Danny's big hand. Anyone who arrived would get a great view right up his crack and balls spread out for all to see.

"Hey! Havin' a party?" a gruff voice whispered.

"Yeah!" chuckled a younger sounding voice. The young guy from up front? Willy burned with shame at being caught naked, being _f_u_c_k_ed by two strangers. He had never even been seen much by his own girlfriend. They usually _f_u_c_k_ed with just his _c_o_c_k_ sticking out through his fly. She had never touched him or seem him naked. Now a whole crowd of strangers were stripping him and watching him come in the back of a bus!

Willy tried to bolt. He slipped out of their grasp and made it into a standing position, turning toward the front of the bus, when Mike grabbed the back of his tee shirt and stopped him short. He had turned and stood looking at the two new arrivals. One was the older guy who was with Mike and Danny, the other was the younger guy his own age that Willy had seen toward the front of the bus. He blanched, realizing that his boner was sticking straight out, and he had no pants on at all. Willy saw the two new arrivals look down at his fat boner, and break out into wide grins. Willy turned beat red in the face.

Mike swatted the nice, round bubble butt in front of his face. "Look a' that bubble butt!" Mike rasped quietly. "Help us spank it, guys!" With that, Mike pulled poor Willy back down over his lap, and forced his head down onto the seat. Willy's bare butt went up in the air. Hands grabbed and felt all over his bubble-round but firm buttocks, exclaiming on its properties.

"Great butt, eh?" Mike swatted it and set of some jiggling.

"What an ass!" the younger voice said. "Its fat and hot, too!"

"Nice, round bum, dude. Give us some ass!" Mike and Danny's companion squeezed Willy's butt all up and down the right buttock, thumb pressing against Willy's asshole. Willy stifled a whoop when he felt the fat thumb pressing slightly up his hole.

Mike pulled up on Willy's thigh, forcing him up into a kneeling position over his lap across the back seat. The other guys gathered around in the darkness and took turns swatting that butt with their hands and the ruler. Mike held Willy's head down onto the seat, face pointing forward toward the men and the aisle of the bus. Willy was consumed with the feelings of pain and lust at the hands raining down all over his bare butt. His firm, muscular buttocks shook and bounced, flexing and bouncing back under the weight of each smack.

Suddenly, Willy was aware of the bus pulling into a rest stop. The orangish lighting of the parking lot gave the bus a warm glow, and Willy's bare bum became a lot more visible. The bus slowed and pulled into a parking slot. The men quietly waited, gathered around bare Willy, while the passengers climbed out the front. After the bus had emptied, the bus driver came to the back.

"Hey guys... Wow! Why don't you guys invite me to your little fun?" the driver set the cap back on his head and surveyed the nice, bubble butt on full display.

"C'mon, Jake! Wanna have a seat?" Danny patted the seat next to him. The driver sat down, and Danny handed him the _d_i_l_d_o_. "Here, try this out!"

The driver was a stocky, middle-aged guy with crew cut, thick nose and lips, and handsome rugged looks. He had a slight pot belly from driving bus and not getting much excercise. He took the _d_i_l_d_o_ and set it upright on the seat between his legs. Then Mike stood up Willy, and the driver guided him back and sat him on his lap. As Willy started to sit, the driver gave a low whistle and clasped each bubble buttock. He guided Willy in for a four point landing smack onto the protruding _d_i_l_d_o_.

Willy's eyes widened and his boner stood up as the driver helped him sit and press down over the _d_i_l_d_o_. "Spread your legs, man. 'Ats it, now press and squat! There's a good boy!" the driver snickered, and the men joined in as Willy took in the length of the _d_i_l_d_o_. Now in the orangish light of the parking lot, Willy's crimson face was more evident, and he knew it. He started to sweat and stared dumbly from face to face. They all stared in lust as Willy felt the _d_i_l_d_o_ going up inside until he could go no further.

"Ooooops!" Willy was tired and couldn't hide his embarassment. The driver lifted his tee shirt up and over his head and arms, and tossed it a few seats up. Willy grabbed for the shirt as it went by, but it was gone. He never felt so naked and exposed in his life.

The driver helped Willy slide up and down on the _d_i_l_d_o_ for a little while, as others took turns mouthing his fat _c_o_c_k_. Then they knelt Willy up on the seat with his head toward the front of the bus, and his nice bubble butt exposed to all. They had another satisfying round of slapping that firm, bubble butt, while commenting and joking in great sport. Willy was getting quite sore by this time, so they took it easy on his nice butt. But Willy still did his share of yelps and cries.

Willy finally did manage to protest that he was tired and needed to sleep. Before the passengers returned from the rest stop, Willy hobbled around looking for his clothes. The guys followed him around, swatting his butt every time he bent to retrieve anything, and making dirty comments about Willy's big bubble butt and wobbling boner. But he finally had all his clothes in arms and dropped into his seat. He dozed off naked, holding his clothes, and slept soundly that night. He watched the men go by as they dispersed and got off to use the restrooms at the rest stop. Willy was too ashamed to show his face in there, so he used the bus john, and then went soundly to sleep, wondering what would happen next. He still had 2 more nights of the bus trip to go!

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