Omega House

by Drew <>

It was a cold and rainy day when I made my way up to the staircase of Omega House. A very prestigious Fraternity at a Northeastern College. I had been accepted as a pledge for the first quarter of my college years.

Pledges were required to be up at 6am to tend to there pledge duties. Beds had to be made and chores completed before classes. We were required to be in the house promptly after classes. While in the house the pledge uniform was to be worn. This consisted of white fruit of the Looms briefs. In the house corridors you would see pledges mopping floors, cleaning windows, polishing brass, dusting. All pledges were to be occupied at all times when their homework was completed.

Any deviation from the rules and pledges were lined up and spanked. Spanked meaning bending over and pulling down your briefs and being severely paddled on your bare buttocks. All pledges were paddled for any slight deviation of the rules. Another frequent punishment was being lead to the wash room to have your mouth cleaned out with soap when an active didn't like what you were saying. After each paddling the pledge was required to stand in the corner for at least 60 minutes in a full military brace.

The punishment for tardiness was severe. The pledge was required to bend over and stick his thumb in his mouth while with the other hand grab his testicles. This position was in the actives' living room where actives would paddle and slap and torment the pledge for hours on end. Needless to say you were never late to another meeting again.

All this punishment in the name of brotherhood. To create a college gentleman. Well I think this form of indoctrination works. All fraternities should use the paddle frequently.

Very true story from Omega house somewhere in the Northeast. Thank You Sir!

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